Steve Sherman

San Diego Comic Fest Guest Steve Sherman

Steve Sherman was born and raised on the Westside of Los Angeles. Enamored by early tv shows like “Time for Beany” and “Crusader Rabbit” he eventually found comic books and became a life-long fan and collector. Steve’s career in comics began while in college, working part-time at Marvelmania International. As the official licensee of the Marvel Comics Group, Marvelmania produced posters and other products featuring the Marvel characters. Steve contributed to the creation of products for the company, mostly graphics and printed matter.

This brought him into contact with Jack Kirby. When Jack decided to move to DC Comics he asked Steve (along with Mark Evanier) to join him as assistants. Steve was assistant editor on Jack’s Fourth World series, as well as writing and co-creating characters and stories. With Kirby, he co-created “Kobra”, “Capt. Victory and the Galactic Rangers” and “Silver Star”, which became comic books for Pacific Comics. When Jack returned to Marvel, Steve went to work for Filmation Associates, an animation production company.

As a production assistant, Steve worked on the animated versions of “Start Trek”, “Gilligan’s Planet” and the live action version of Capt. Marvel, “Shazam”.

After 3 seasons at Filmation, Steve went to work for Fred Adickes Associates an independent toy design firm. As Business Manager, Steve was involved in working with the model shop and clients such as Mattel Toys, Ideal Toys, and Fisher Price.

In 1980 Steve joined Sid and Marty Krofft Productions. As a puppeteer he worked on the “Barbara Mandrell Show” and various commercials. As a writer, he contributed to the original concept for a show which eventually became “DC Follies”. He was a puppeteer on the show and was nominated for an Emmy award along with his fellow puppeteers.

In 1984 Steve formed the Puppet Studio with Greg Williams in Hollywood, California. They built and performed “Capt. OG Readmore” for ABC Saturday Mornings. They also designed and performed puppets for “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse”. Following that, they created and built all of the puppet characters for “Riders in the Sky” for CBS Saturday morning. They then went on to build and perform the penguin characters on “Beakman’s World” an award winning series on both CBS and syndication.

They were hired by Mattel Toys to create characters for toy lines and television programs. They created “Rock and Algie and the Junkyard Band” and developed the storyline that eventually became the syndicated animation series “Jace and the Wheeled Warriors”.

Steve was also a puppeteer on the feature films “Men in Black 1 & 2”, “Mighty Joe Young” and “Muppets 3D”.

Steve lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Diana and their 3 dogs.