Luis Fernando

San Diego Comic Fest guest Luis Fernando

Please Note: Luis Fernando regrets that for personal reasons he will not be able to join us at this year’s Fest after all. However, we do hope he will be able to attend San Diego Comic Fest in the future.

Luis Fernando (Mexico City, 1950) is a Mexican cartoonist, and the only Mexican author to be considered in the book 1001 Comics you must read before you die (Paul Gravett, ed., 2011). From that book we adapt the following lines: Luis Fernando, a pioneer of graphic storytelling in his country, “perhaps best represents the feel and ethos of the alternative Mexican comics scene in the late twentieth century”. His black-and-white comics “combine Mexican folkloric iconography and myths with a visual tradition that is deeply rooted in the U.S. and European experimental comics scenes”. “His human and animal characters, like Edward Gorey’s, are deceptively cute but reveal a darkness infused with the bloodiness of Catholic martyrdom. With its combination of modernity and enlightenment and tragicomic, barbaric violence and injustice, Comixtlán” (as well as the rest of his body of work) “provides a graphic synthesis of what it is to be Mexican.”

You can see highlights of his work, at the following blog: