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Saturday, Feb 18, 2017

Saturday, Feb 18, 2017 10:00AM

Super-Toons! A Look at Superman In animation and his Impersonators - NEW edition (Montgomery Theater)
A historical, and often hysterical, look at the various big and small screen incarnations of the Man of Steel featuring: A great Max & Dave Fleischer cartoon from the 1940's, Snafuperman, A very early Mighty Mouse cartoon when he was known as Supermouse!, Super-Rabbit, Super-Pink (Panther), Super-Chicken and even Super-Popeye! Plus other rare footage seen nowhere else! John Field presents. John Field

Take That, Adolf! (Palm A)
Mike Catron presents a preview of the upcoming Fantagraphics book Take That, Adolf!: The Fighting Comic Books of the Second World War, a lushly illustrated history and gallery of World War II covers by hundreds of Golden Age artists including Simon and Kirby, Schomburg, Bill Everett, Lou Fine, and more. Mike Catron

Star Trek at 50 (Palm B)
On September 8, 2016, Star Trek turned 50. Now in its second half-century, let's take a look back at what has been the impact of Star Trek, both on our culture and on the fans who've loved it, and what do its fans hope for it in the future. With Astrid Bear (who as a teenager worked on Bjo Trimble's letter-writing campaign that saved Star Trek) and Jean Graham (founder in 1972 of the San Diego chapter of S.T.A.R., the Star Trek Association for Revival). Astrid Bear, Jean Graham

Drawing landscapes with Cityscapes for game art with the Huion 1060-PLUS Tablet and PD Artist (Palm D)
Philip Staiger

Saturday, Feb 18, 2017 11:00AM

Baadaas Black Comic Heroines (Kirby Cafe )
From iconic superheroine Wonder Woman's black sister, to the black Captain Marvel, to Teen Titan's Bumblebee and many more!! including the legendary X-Men's Storm, orphaned in Africa, and 'currently in development' the black female Iron Man ? here are some "ladies" you'll want to know about. Presented by Dr. E. Fisher and D. Card, Project Directors of Colorstruck! Telling the American Story of Black Identity in Comic Books. D. Card, E. Fisher

X-Men: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary Screening with Writers (Montgomery Theater)
Screening of an X-Men: The Animated Series episode with the two writers who wrote it. Eric Lewald, Julia Lewald, David McDermott, Steven Melching

The Silver Age of Comic Book Art (Palm A)
Comic book art historian and illustrator Arlen Schumer's presentation based on his book, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art (Archway Publishing), explores the origins of the superhero traditions, their personification of American ideals and values, and how those attitudes and portrayals changed during the turbulent 1960s, through the works of the eight artists in the book: Carmine Infantino, Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Gil Kane, Joe Kubert, Gene Colan, Jim Steranko and Neal Adams. You'll not only see where Hollywood's love affair with superhero movies comes from, you'll see comics like you've never seen them before! Arlen Schumer

Rogue Law: We Are One with the Force (Palm B)
US Magistrate Judge Mitch Dembin, California Judge Carol Najera, Megan Hitchcock, Esq., and Joshua Gilliland, Esq., from The Legal Geeks, are all Star Wars fans. Rogue Law will discuss the legal issues from Rogue One, A Star Wars Story, including the Empire drafting Galen Erso to build the Death Star, whether Cassian Andor killing Tivik was murder, and the desertion of Bodhi Rook. The panel will debate whether the Dark Side an addition or a life style choice. Mitch Dembin, Joshua Gilliland, Megan Hitchcock, Carol Najera

Comic Book Layout Using Adobe Indesign (Palm D)
Avery Caldwell

Saturday, Feb 18, 2017 12:00PM

Average Geek Show (Kirby Cafe )
Join host Brian Johnson for a live recording of the Average Geek Show podcast. Brian Johnson

Screening (with Q&A): The Concessionaires Must Die (Montgomery Theater)
In The Concessionaires Must Die, it's hard times for the gang at the Monarch: a one-screen movie theater bringing the best in vintage and cult cinema to the masses, or more often, four nerds and a couple of kids who ought be in school. With a multiplex about to open just down the street, Gabby (Zakareth Ruben) decides it's time to smell he coffee, sell up and cut out. But her brave team of dedicated concessionaires, led by uber-geek Scott (David Blue), refuses to give up. Surely there must be some way to keep the dream alive? Cameo by Executive Producer, Stan Lee. Screened by director America Young, lead and producer Zakareth "Zaki" Ruben, and lead Talia Tabin with Q&A to follow. Zakareth Rubin, Talia Tabin, America Young

Spotlight on Mike Royer (Palm A)
Mike Royer is probably best known for his almost decade of work as Jack Kirby's personal choice of inker for his Fourth World series at D.C. and his subsequent return to Marvel. Prior to that he had assisted Russ Manning on Tarzan and Magnus Robot Fighter, contributed to Warren's Creepy, Eerie, and Vampirella magazines, did comics for Gold Key, and even layed out 1/3rd of the 1st Saturday morning Spiderman animated series. After working with Kirby, beginning in the spring of 1979, Mike went to work for Disney for over two decades. Among his accomplishments for Disney, Mike created the "new look" that launched the massive Winnie the Pooh licensing program in late 1993 and was featured in a 43 minute "How To Draw Pooh" video sent out to over 40 licensees. Mike takes no small amount of pride in the fact that within a year Pooh was outselling Mickey Mouse worldwide. Mike will be interviewed by his old friend and associate from his days with Kirby, Mark Evanier. Mark Evanier, Mike Royer

The Future of Privacy and Cybersecurity (Palm B)
Hacking and cyber-spying by governments, private groups, and individuals is ever more in the news. How far will current trends go? Will we have privacy and cybersecurity, as we understand them, in the future? Join Science Fiction Guest of Honor David Brin (author of The Transparent Society and editor of recently published anthology Chasing Shadows: Visions of Our Coming Transparent World) and Federal Magistrate Judge Mitch Dembin (authority on cybercrime and former Chief Security Advisor for Microsoft) as they discuss this timely topic. David Brin, Mitch Dembin

Basics of Digital Illustration (Palm D)
Ryan Peterson

Saturday, Feb 18, 2017 1:00PM

The Changing Business of Comic Art (Kirby Cafe )
Original comic art has been prized by collectors for decades, and now the wider world has caught up. Comic artists are featured in galleries, museums and exhibitions; their work is gathered in stunning deluxe editions that make our shelves and our wallets groan. Join comic business expert Rob Salkowitz (Forbes) and IDW Editor Scott Dunbier (curator of the Eisner Award-winning Artist Editions) for a wide-ranging discussion of trends driving this exciting and lucrative market. Scott Dunbier, Rob Salkowitz

Spotlight on Jim Valentino (Palm A)
San Diego Comic Fest Guest of Honor Jim Valentino got his start in comics right here in San Diego and is a former board member of San Diego's Comic-Con. He is the creator of such diverse series as normalman, A Touch of Silver, Vignettes, and ShadowHawk as well the creative force behind the 31st Century Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel. A co-founder of Image Comics, he served as the company's publisher from 1999-2004, changing the face of the company to one of the most stylistically diverse in the industry. Currently he heads his own division of Image, Shadowline, Inc. and is enjoying celebrating this year's 25th anniversary of Image Comics. Jim will be interviewed by Batton Lash. Batton Lash, Jim Valentino

Imaging Mars and Our Solar System (Palm B)
Michael Ravine, Advanced Projects Manager at Malin Space Science Systems in San Diego, CA, has managed the development of three cameras currently orbiting the Moon, three orbiting Mars, four on the surface of Mars, one orbiting Jupiter and three on their way to the asteroid Benuu. He will speak from personal experience about imaging our Solar System with David Brin, Greg Bear, Gregory Benford, and Andrew Fraknoi. Greg Bear, Gregory Benford, David Brin, Andrew Fraknoi, Michael Ravine

The art of levitation and surreal images (Palm D)
Robin Spalding

Saturday, Feb 18, 2017 2:00PM

Spotlight on Floyd Norman (Kirby Cafe )
Disney Legend Floyd Norman started working as an animation artist for the Walt Disney Studio on Sleeping Beauty, and eventually graduated to the story department, the first African-American to do so, where he joined the story team on The Jungle Book. There he had the opportunity to work with Walt Disney on the last film that the "Old Maestro" personally supervised. In the late sixties, he co-founded Vignette Films, Inc., one of the first companies to produce films on African-American history. Moving to Public Television in the seventies, Floyd wrote and produced animated segments for Sesame Street, Villa Alegre, and dozens of educational films. In the early eighties, he joined Disney's Publishing Group where he wrote the syndicated Mickey Mouse comic strip, contributed stories for Disney Comics, and, as Project Director, created, wrote and designed several children's books. Floyd returned to Disney Animation to work on The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan, Dinosaur, and the Tigger Movie. In 1997, Floyd moved north to Pixar Animation Studios where he joined the story crew for Toy Story 2 and Monsters, Inc. Last year he was the subject of the wonderful documentary, Floyd Norman: An Animated Life. Floyd will be interviewed by his pal, Mark Evanier. Mark Evanier, Floyd Norman

Godzilla - Over 60 Years later and Still King of the Monsters! (Montgomery Theater)
John Field presents clips high-lighting the career of everyone's favorite fire-breathing Monster. See the Big-G's origin, and many great clips of his greatest battles. A fond look back (and forward), at this unstoppable Monster John Field

X-Men: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary Creatives Round Table (Palm A)
With Producer and Director Larry Houston, Story Editor and Series Co-Developer Eric Lewald, and writers Julia Lewald, David mcDermott, Steven Melching, and Len Uhley. Larry Houston, Eric Lewald, Julia Lewald, David McDermott, Steven Melching, Len Uhley

RoboCop, Starship Troopers , Paul Verhoeven and Me (Palm B)
Author and filmmaker Paul M. Sammon has written books, hung out with Clint Eastwood and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and worked on approximately 100 films as a studio executive, producer, special effects coordinator and more. Now, join Paul as he recounts the secret histories behind two of his favorite on-site experiences-1987's RoboCop, and 1997's Starship Troopers! Plus, be the first to hear about Sammon's brand-new book regarding these SF classics! Paul Sammon

Creating 3D Art in Photoshop For your Designs (Palm D)
Stephen Burns

Saturday, Feb 18, 2017 3:00PM

Comics, Creators, and Fans in Mexico (Kirby Cafe )
Mexico has been in the news a lot lately but not for comics, which is a shame because comics have been created, read, and loved for decades in Mexico just as they have in the United States. While there may be walls that divide us, comics help bring us together over a shared love of a universal art form. So what is going on in the comics scene in Mexico today and what does the future hold? Let's find out from Mexico City comics creators Gaby Maya (who helped popularize the anime and manga styles in Mexico) and Juanele, physicist by day, cartoonist by night. Juanele, Gaby Maya

X-Men Mock Trial on Mutant Rights (Montgomery Theater)
Are Mutants human beings? Can Mutants be forced to Register with the Federal Government? Could Sentinels be used to summarily execute unregistered Mutants based on their DNA? US Magistrate Judge Mitch Dembin will preside over this fictional mock hearing inspired by the X-Men comics and movies. Law students from California Western and McGeorge will argue over a motion to stop the Government, involving Civil Rights and National Defense after a mass casualty incident caused by Mutants. Mitch Dembin

A Tribute to Willis O'Brien (Palm A)
A motion picture special effects and stop-motion animation pioneer, Willis O'Brien is best known today for his work on The Lost World (1925), Mighty Joe Young (1949), and, of course, the immortal King Kong (1933). From his first film, The Dinosaur and the Missing Link: A Prehistoric Tragedy of 1915, through his uncredited visual effects for 1963's It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, O'Brien created a wonderful and hugely influential body of work. Famed artist of prehistoric life William Stout says that the first film he ever saw, at the age of three, was King Kong. Of that experience, he writes, "Just as Kong was forever changed after his first glimpse of Ann Darrow, I was eternally transformed by those images that were forever seared into my developing brain. My obsession and love affair with King Kong--and with dinosaurs--had begun." Stout, author/illustrator of "Tribute to Willis O'Brien" and the soon-to-be-finished "Tribute to Willis O'Brien Volume Two," presents for Comic Fest attendees an illustrated look at one of the greatest creators in the history of film. William Stout

The Science of Science Fiction (Palm B)
How much actual science has there been in science fiction and how well depicted? How much science fiction of the past holds up today when judged against our contemporary body of knowledge. As a sub-genre, how well is "hard science fiction" doing today and what are the trends? Join Andrew Fraknoi, David Brin, Greg Bear, and Gregory Benford as they discuss these topics. Greg Bear, Gregory Benford, David Brin, Andrew Fraknoi

Comic Book Creation & Digital Workflow in Adobe Illustrator (Palm D)
Howard Simpson

Saturday, Feb 18, 2017 4:00PM

Comics and Genre Writing (Kirby Cafe )
Learn how to do it or do it better from James Hudnall, comics writer (Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography, Espers, Alpha Flight, Strikeforce: Morituri, Hardcase, Blue Cat, and Harsh Realm, which was made into a television series by Chris Carter of X-Files fame) and author of The Secrets of Writing: How to Create Great Fiction. James Hudnall

Lord of Light, Zelazny, Geller, and Kirby (Palm A)
This year is the 50th anniversary of first publication of Roger Zelazny's Hugo Award winning novel Lord of Light, a science-fiction tale based in a future, Hindu-Buddhist infused alien world. In the late 70s, Barry Ira Geller embarked on an ambitious project to adapt Lord of Light as both a major motion picture, for which he wrote the screenplay, and a futuristic theme park for which he worked with Jack Kirby to create amazing designs. Though his plans did not come to fruition at that time, the screenplay and Kirby designs were used in a successful plan to free Americans from Iran, as depicted in the Oscar-winning film Argo. More recently these Geller-Kirby designs were colored "blacklight" style for Heavy Metal Magazine and issued as a series of posters. Now at Comic Fest we can hear directly from Barry Ira Geller about his original efforts at adapting the novel, his work with Jack Kirby, and what's next for Lord of Light. Barry will be joined by Mike Royer, who inked Kirby's Lord of Light art. Barry Ira Geller, Mike Royer

You Say You Want a Revolution? (Palm B)
Predicting the future of political stability and instability: Panelists David Brin, Greg Bear, and Gregory Benford discuss this timely topic not from the standpoint of what they would like to see happen but, putting on their Hari Seldon caps, what they think is most likely to happen. Greg Bear, Gregory Benford, David Brin

Introduction to Comic Book Lettering with Adobe Illustrator (Palm D)
Sean Glumace

Saturday, Feb 18, 2017 4:30PM

Screening (with Q&A): Diani & Devine Meet the Apocalypse (Montgomery Theater)
Directors, writers, and producers Gabriel Diani and Etta Devine screen and discuss their latest film, Diani & Devine Meet the Apocalypse, the epic saga of two struggling comedians who learn that surviving the end of civilization is almost as difficult as surviving in Hollywood. Featuring performances by Barry Bostwick (Rocky Horror Picture Show), Janet Varney (Stan Against Evil), Kirsten Vangsness (Criminal Minds), Armin Shimerman (Star Trek: DS9), Jonathan Silverman (Weekend at Bernie's), and more! Also in person for the Q&A will be Chad Meserve (producer/editor/2nd unit director), Rob Schultz (associate producer/assistant editor), Alexandra Goodman (actor, costume designer), Bryan Coffee (actor). Bryan Coffee, Etta Devine, Gabriel Diani, Alexandra Goodman, Chad Meserve, Rob Schultz

Saturday, Feb 18, 2017 5:00PM

The Centennial of the King of Comics, Jack Kirby (Palm A)
Captain America. Iron Man. Thor. The Avengers. Names that the American public recognizes as the leading Marvel Comics superheroes that Hollywood has made billion-dollar film franchises out of. What most people don't recognize is the name of the comic book artist and storyteller whose out-of- this-world imagination, teamed with editor Stan Lee, spawned all those superheroes (and a legion of others for both Marvel and DC Comics): Jack Kirby, acknowledged by both professionals and fans alike as the single greatest artist and storyteller in the history of comic books. Join comic book art historian and illustrator Arlen Schumer (author/designer, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art) as he marks the centennial of Kirby's birth with a retrospective about how an uneducated, first-American- generation son of European Jewish immigrants, growing up in the Lower East Side of New York City named Ya'akov Kurtzberg, became Jack "King" Kirby. Arlen Schumer

When do we get our Flying Cars? (Palm B)
The future we didn't get, the present we've got, and the future we hope for with Gregory Benford (author of The Wonderful Future That Never Was: Flying Cars, Mail Delivery by Parachute, and Other Predictions from the Past and The Amazing Weapons That Never Were: Robots, Flying Tanks & Other Machines of War) and David Brin. Gregory Benford, David Brin

Saturday, Feb 18, 2017 7:30PM

Saturday Night Party (Kirby Cafe )
Visit the Kirby Cafe for a trip into television history. The Telanauts are a band lost in television history. Sing-a-long with them to popular themes as they find their way back to the present and join in on a free Batusi lesson to start dancing like it's 1966. Do you know your television theme songs? Enter the "Name That Tune" contest during the Telenaut's sets on Saturday and you could walk out a winner!Enjoy Kirby-inspired drinks—the Kirby Krackle, Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, Darkseid, and Wonder Man 2—designed for this weekend by expert mixologist Alonso Nunez of Little Fish Comic Book Studio.

Saturday, Feb 18, 2017 9:30PM

Late Night Film Fest (Lasts Until 1:00 AM) (Montgomery Theater)
Gerry Williams presents a fun selection of superhero serials, vintage cartoons, and more for your late night entertainment. Gerry Williams

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Sunday, Feb 19, 2017

Sunday, Feb 19, 2017 10:00AM

Social Fandom for Geek Properties - In 2017 (Kirby Cafe )
2016 saw a surge in the marketing cliches of "fandom outreach" and "relationship building", especially within entertainment industry. The exponentially fast rise of geek properties led to a rush by marketing agencies and entertainment in-house CMO's to nab any and all influencers pertinent to their "geek" IP. As the dust has settled, though, what have been the successes? For the influencers, for the fans, and for the brands? What are the lessons learned and what does 2017 hold for geek fans? Last year at San Diego Comic Fest we discussed at length the power shift to fans in this new geek reality. Come listen to our industry experts discuss the Geek Fandom field/industry in 2017, from different points of experience. We will explore the State of the Union for geek fans, geek influencers and brands in 2017. Who are the power brokers, the surprises? What brands are making the best decisions for their fans? What platforms have exercised the best practices for both the brand and the influencer? And, most importantly, what power does the geek fan hold in 2017? Moderated by Jenny Stiven (Clio Consulting) and fellow industry experts. Jenny Stiven, Anina Bennett, Jonathan Tavss, Matt Dunford

X-Men: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary Screening of "Nightcrawler" with Writer (Montgomery Theater)
A special screening of an X-Men:TAS episode episode "Nightcrawler" with writer Len Uhley, and Eric Lewald & Julia Lewald for a discussion immediately following the screening - a landmark episode dealing with religion and bigotry. Eric Lewald, Julia Lewald, Len Uhley

Jack Kirby: The Creator (Palm A)
Mark Evanier (former assistant to Jack Kirby, author of Eisner-winning Kirby: King of Comics), Steve Sherman (former assistant to Jack Kirby), and Mike Royer (Kirby's personal choice of inker for his Fourth World series at D.C. and his subsequent return to Marvel) discuss Jack Kirby as artist, writer, and visionary and his impact on popular culture. Mark Evanier, Mike Royer, Steve Sherman

Imagining Mars and Our Solar System (Palm B)
The planets, moons, and other objects that our solar system comprises have long been a popular topic for imaginative fiction and scientific speculation, with Mars being a special object of fascination. How have speculative ideas about Mars and those other celestial bodies compared to the realities discovered by science and exploration and what we might discover in the future? These topics will be discussed by Andrew Fraknoi, Michael Ravine, David Brin, Greg Bear, and Gregory Benford. Greg Bear, Gregory Benford, David Brin, Andrew Fraknoi, Michael Ravine

Girl Scout Cadette Comic Artist Badge Workshop (Palm D)
Are you a Girl Scout Cadette looking to earn your comic artist badge? Then sign up through the San Diego Comic Fest web site for a free workshop! All supplies will be provided and upon completion of your very own comic, we'll supply your comic artist badge free of charge! Space is limited to 35 Girl Scouts! Instructor: Alonso Nunez from Little Fish Comic Book Studio in San Diego. Alonso Nunez

Sunday, Feb 19, 2017 11:00AM

CANCELLED: Walt and the World's Fair (Kirby Cafe )
CANCELLED: A history and look at the attractions that Disney made for the World's Fair, and the new technology that was developed. Jeff Heimbuch

They're Coming To Get Us! Sci Fi & Horror Previews (1920s to Today) (Montgomery Theater)
From the 1920s up to today, trailers (previews of coming attractions) have been thrilling movie audiences. This is a great look at Hollywood Ballyhoo. Do you know what films had ILLUSION-O, Ghost Viewers, A Guarantee if you Die while watching this film, your family will get an insurance policy payment!?. You will see all sorts of creatures that want to make you their next meal. Werewolves, Vampires, Giant Bugs and more. A great assortment of thrilling fun. You don't want to miss this program....YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!. Presented by John Field. John Field

Jack Kirby: The Man (Palm A)
In 1969, Jack Kirby made the move from New York City to Southern California. Not long after settling in, Kirby met young comic fans Mark Evanier and Steve Sherman, who were working for official Marvel Comics licensee Marvelmania. When Jack decided to move from Marvel to DC, he asked Mark and Steve is they would like to be his assistants. Of course, they said "Yes!" Also in Southern California at the time was inker Mike Royer, who became Kirby's personal choice to ink his New Gods comics for DC as well as the work he did when he returned to Marvel. Join Mark, Steve, and Mike as the reminisce about Jack Kirby the man as they knew him. Mark Evanier, Mike Royer, Steve Sherman

Spotlight on David Brin (Palm B)
: Science Fiction Guest of Honor David Brin is a scientist, inventor, public speaker, and author. His novels have been New York Times Bestsellers, winning multiple Hugo, Nebula and other awards, and have been translated into more than twenty languages. A 1989 ecological thriller, Earth, foreshadowed global warming, cyberwarfare and the World Wide Web. A 1998 movie, directed by Kevin Costner, was based on his novel The Postman. His latest story collection is Insistence of Vision, his most recent novel is Existence, and just published is an anthology he edited, Chasing Shadows: Visions of Our Coming Transparent World. David will be interview by fellow author Greg Bear.David Brin is a scientist, inventor, public speaker, and author. His novels have been New York Times Bestsellers, winning multiple Hugo, Nebula and other awards, and have been translated into more than twenty languages. A 1989 ecological thriller, Earth, foreshadowed global warming, cyberwarfare and the World Wide Web. A 1998 movie, directed by Kevin Costner, was based on his novel The Postman. His latest story collection is Insistence of Vision, his most recent novel is Existence, and just published is an anthology he edited, Chasing Shadows: Visions of Our Coming Transparent World. David will be interview by fellow author Greg Bear. Greg Bear, David Brin

Sunday, Feb 19, 2017 12:00PM

Writers with One Foot in the Door (Kirby Cafe )
Check out our panel of local authors who've had some publishing success, but not enough to be able to quit their day jobs. How does one break into the publishing industry? What are the options between small, big, and self publishing? Do you need a degree, or just a computer? Find out all this and more with Tone Milazzo (Moderator), Renee Pickup, Indy Quillen, Chad Stroup, Israel Finn, and Lara Campbell McGehee. Israel Finn, Lara Campbell McGehee, Tone Milazzo, Renee Pickup, Indy Quillen, Chad Stroup

Comic Cons and the Future of Fandom (Palm A)
. If you've been to conventions other than Comic Fest, you might notice that these events are changing dramatically, becoming bigger, more diverse, and focused on a wider swath of popular culture. Rob Salkowitz (Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture, Forbes) has been sifting through the data and presents an eye-opening picture of what's going on. Then, he'll be joined by special guest David Glanzer (VP of Marketing and Strategy, Comic-Con International) for a rare inside look at the challenges and opportunities of growth in the fan convention space. David Glanzer, Rob Salkowitz

Depicting Dinosaurs Today: Our Fine Feathered Friends? (Palm B)
Though dinosaurs have long been extinct, their images as rendered by artists and researchers, continue to evolve. With many new discoveries being made in previously under-explored fossil deposits, our understanding of what dinosaurs looked like appears to be undergoing significant change. Were many or most dinosaurs actually fuzzy or feathered like birds? Paleoartist Bill Stout (who painted the prehistoric-life murals at the San Diego Natural History Museum) leads a discussion of depicting dinosaurs today. William Stout

Disasterpiece Theater (Palm D)
Before Mysterious Science Theater 3000 there was San Diego's own Disasterpiece Theater, which aired on XETV-6 in the early 1980s. Join Terence Sanford for a look back at this cult television series that had a simple premise: show the worst movies ever made and make fun of them. [By request of the program presenter, no videotaping or photo taking will be allowed during this program.] Terence Sanford

Sunday, Feb 19, 2017 12:30PM

Screening (with Q&A): Kill Me, Deadly! (Montgomery Theater)
Join Darrett Sanders (director, actor, producer, editor), Bill Robens (writer, producer), Dean Lemont (lead male actor), and John Money (executive producer) as they screen and discuss their award-winning film, Kill Me, Deadly. Starring Kirsten Vangsness and Dean Lemont and featuring Lesley-Anne Down and Joe Mantegna, Kill Me, Deadly is a film noir comedy with the feel and look of the classic noirs of the 1940s. A love story with deceit, murder and double crosses told in glorious black and white. Winner of Best Director (Darrett Sanders) and Best Supporting Actor (Joe Mantegna) at the Hollywood Independent Film Festival 2015 and an official selection at the Soho International Film Festival 2015. Beth Accomando (Arts & Culture Reporter for KPBS Festival, Co-Curator of the Famous Firsts Film Series at the Museum of Photographic Arts) will moderate the Q&A. Beth Accomando, Dean Lemont, John Money, Bill Robens, Darrett Sanders

Sunday, Feb 19, 2017 1:00PM

Uncovered Comics: The Lanning's Books Story (Kirby Cafe )
Between the Post-War Years and the "Gas Lamp" revival of downtown San Diego, nestled in the heart of Broadway Street when downtown was thought by many to be unsafe after dark, a handful of used bookstores were able to survive, benefited by the relatively low rents of a decaying urban area. The jocular Marguerite "Peggy" Lanning owned and operated Lanning's Books, famous for selling "coverless" comics at ten for a dollar. These "ripped" comics were supposed to have been thrown in the trash, but Mrs. Lanning piled them into a shopping cart and kids and teens would delight in buying them. Join the two surviving employees of Lanning's Books, Lulu Renteria (Peggy's niece and shop clerk) and Leah Dunsmore-Underhill (Peggy's grandniece, who as a little girl was tasked to remove the covers of the comics) along with Jackie Estrada, David Clark and panel host Rod Underhill, as they revisit the days of Lanning's Books. David Clark, Leah Dunsmore-Underhill, Jackie Estrada, Lulu Renteria, Rod Underhill

Comic Storytelling (R)evolution (Palm A)
Comic Storytelling (R)evolution (Palm A)
Join IDW CEO Ted Adams and author and digital media educator Rob Salkowitz (Forbes, University of Washington) as they discuss the evolution of comics from the printed page into a new digital medium that combines illustration, motion and even immersive virtual reality, while keeping storytelling front and center. Ted Adams, Rob Salkowitz

The Comics Trinity: Eisner, Feiffer, Kurtzman (Palm B)
The 1940s and 1950s were a crucially decisive time in comics' maturity and sophistication. And among the many monumentally influential figures of that era, Will Eisner, Harvey Kurtzman, and Jules Feiffer shine like gods. While each were fiercely and uniquely independent in their pioneering visions and approaches, Michael Dooley examines a number of critical ways in which they were united in permanently transforming the medium in general and its approaches to humor, parody, and satire in particular. Additionally, art exhibits in galleries and museums are an important but often overlooked means in which such masters as these connect with wider audiences. And Kim Munson explores significant exhibitions of their work at such venues as the Hammer, the Cartoon Art Museum, and the Society of Illustrators, and the vital role they play in encouraging and maintaining the ongoing rediscovery and enshrinement of these revered creators. Michael Dooley, Kim Munson

Comic Book Layout Using Adobe Indesign (Palm D)
Avery Caldwell

Sunday, Feb 19, 2017 2:00PM

Lovecraftian Art (Kirby Cafe )
The works of H.P. Lovecraft have long served directly and indirectly for some of the finest art of the weird and fantastic. Pete Von Sholly (illustrator for PS Publishing's Lovecraft Library and writer/artist of Lovecraft These Days) and friends discuss the art of Lovecraft. Pete Von Sholly

Spotlight on Fan Guest of Honor Eugene "Gene" Henderson (Palm A)
Gene Henderson has lived and breathed the world of comic arts for over five decades! Back in the 1970s, he joined a small group of fellow comic enthusiasts that together produced what is now the best-known comic convention in the world, Comic-Con International for which he has served as Director of Security, Publicist, and Archivist. He also served on CCI's Board of Directors for twenty years. He also was instrumental in the creation of the Russ Manning Award for upcoming artists and was coordinator of the Will Eisner Hall of Fame exhibit. Gene is a recipient of CCI's prestigious Inkpot award and the first person in Comic-Con International's history to receive the honor of an "Emeritus" title. Please join us in honoring this truly great fan along with interviewer Anthony Keith. Eugene "Gene" Henderson, Anthony Keith

The "All-American" Eclipse of the Sun (Palm B)
On August 21, 2017, there will be a spectacular total eclipse of the Sun, visible from one country and one country only: the United States. On a narrow path, stretching from a beach in western Oregon to a beach in eastern South Carolina, people will see the Sun completely cover the Moon and the day turn suddenly into night. The faint shimmering outer layer of the Sun, called the corona, will become briefly visible. The rest of the country will see a partial eclipse, where the Moon takes a huge black bite out of the Sun. With part of the Sun still showing, safe viewing glasses or techniques will need to be used to enjoy the cover-up. Join astronomer Andrew Fraknoi for a fascinating talk on this year's eclipse and how to view and understand it. Fraknoi will explain what causes eclipses, why total eclipses are so rare, the various national projects underway to help the public observe and enjoy the eclipse, and how to get special glasses for safe viewing. Andrew Fraknoi

The 12 Principles of Animation (Palm D)
D J Summit

Sunday, Feb 19, 2017 3:00PM

McDonald's: The Film, The Mural, The Panel (Kirby Cafe )
Phil Yeh and Rory Murray discuss Michael Keaton's film about McDonald's, The Founder. Also to be discussed is the mural Phil has been working on with Rory's assistance on the walls of the McDonald's Museum in San Bernardino, and the pop culture elements on the mural. Rory Murray, Phil Yeh

X-Men: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary Screening of "Days of Future Past" with Writers (Montgomery Theater)
A special screening of X-Men:The Animated Series 2-parter "Days of Future Past" with writer Julia Lewald and Eric Lewald with a discussion afterward about the story's roots and its impact today. Eric Lewald, Julia Lewald

The Other Disney: Comic strips, publishing, consumer products, and television (Palm A)
During the time Disney Legend Floyd Norman (cartoonist, animator, writer) and Mike Royer (cartoonist, product designer) worked together for Disney "consumer products" and Len Uhley did screenwriting for the related Disney TV animation, the department went through a tremendous transition. Comic readership was on the wane. The studio was burdened with a staff that was on payroll and all the fringe benefits were being paid. The studio decided to turn over the whole division to the King Features Syndicates bull pen. They were absorbed into the newly formed Disney consumer products dept. and publishing. Soon there were over 800 Disney Stores worldwide. Floyd, Mike, and Len will tell insider stories from those days about the changes at Disney and the growth of Consumer Products. Floyd Norman, Mike Royer, Len Uhley

Mutations and the Future Evolution of Humanity (Palm B)
Will mutation play a role in the future evolution of humankind? By what other means may our species change in the future? Will we one day no long be Homo Sapiens, but something else? With Greg Bear, Gregory Benford, and Ronald Coleman (Cell Biology, Developmental Biology researcher at Scripps Research Institute). Greg Bear, Gregory Benford, Ronald Coleman

Painting, 3D, & Compositing Technique (Palm D)
Stephen Burns

Sunday, Feb 19, 2017 4:00PM

CANCELLED: The Five-Legged Goats of Disneyland (Kirby Cafe )
CANCELLED: A pictorial tour of all the hidden tributes and history at Disneyland. Jeff Heimbuch

Comics and Music Down at the Crossroads (Palm A)
For years the worlds of cartoonists, comics, and music have intersected in one way or another. Artists and comics creators Bill Stout, Arlen Schumer, Jay Allen Sanford, Spike Steffenhagen, and Mike Royer speak on this confluence of art and music, what has been and what they'd like to see. Mike Royer, Jay Allen Sanford, Arlen Schumer, Spike Steffenhagen, William Stout

So you want to live forever? (Palm B)
Cryogenics? Gene modification? Transhuman body and mind replacements and extensions? Where are we now and what can we reasonably expect in the future from life-extension technologies?: With Greg Bear, Gregory Benford, and Ronald Coleman (Cell Biology, Developmental Biology researcher at Scripps Research Institute). Greg Bear, Gregory Benford, Ronald Coleman

Creating Artistic Edits to Photographs (Palm D)
Robin Spalding

Sunday, Feb 19, 2017 4:30PM

Screening: Nobel Son (with Q&A) (Montgomery Theater)
Starring Alan Rickman, Mary Steenburgen, and Bryan Greenberg along with Eliza Dushku, Danny DeVito, Bill Pullman, and more, Nobel Son is a 2007 American black comedy about a dysfunctional family dealing with the kidnapping of their son for ransom following the father's winning of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Roger Ebert said of the film, "Nobel Son is a mercilessly convoluted version of a Twister, that genre in which the plot whacks us as if it's taking batting practice. I will not hint at anything that happens. I will simply observe that it's all entertaining." Presented by Producer Michael Ravine with Miguel Rodriguez (Director of Horrible Imaginings Film Festival, Co-Curator of the Famous Firsts Film Series at the Museum of Photographic Arts) moderating the Q&A. Michael Ravine, Miguel Rodriguez

Sunday, Feb 19, 2017 5:00PM

Neal Adams: 50 Years On (Palm A)
2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the entry into the comic book field of a 26-year-old comic strip artist named Neal Adams, who, in short order, proceeded to turn the entire comic book world upside down with his mastery of photorealisitic drawing, dynamic anatomy and perspective, his command of panel and page layouts, and his muckraking personality, which changed the moribund world of DC Comics, in particular, forever, heralding a new style and influencing a generation of readers—many of whom became artists themselves because of Adams' tsunami-like impact! Join one of those readers, comic book art historian and illustrator Arlen Schumer (author/designer, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art and The Neal Adams Sketchbook) for a retrospective of the early years of one of the greatest artists in the history of comic book art. Arlen Schumer

Sunday, Feb 19, 2017 5:30PM

5:30 San Diego Comic Fest Auction (Kirby Cafe )
Come check out the Comic Fest auction. There'll be rare comics, signed original art work, toys, DVD's, and so much more. Auctions start as low as $1, so there are bargains to be had. This is a LIVE auction and loads of fun to check out. Auctioning gets underway at 5:30 PM.

Sunday, Feb 19, 2017 7:30PM

Sunday Night Party (Kirby Cafe )
The Kirby Cafe welcomes back the Trivia Contest! Think you know your trivia? Put it to the test and you could walk out with some awesome prizes! Contest host Gabe Valentin (Digital Lizards of Doom) and friends will be hosting the Trivia contest and playing a set of comics and movie inspired songs. Also, new this year: Rock-Paper-Scissor contest open to kids of all ages. Who will be the 2017 Comic Fest Champion? Maybe YOU!

Sunday, Feb 19, 2017 9:30PM

The Sci-Fi and Horror Surprise Film Fest (Lasts Until 1:00 AM) (Montgomery Theater)
3 1/2 hours of hand picked Cinema Classics. Rampaging Robots, A Starman, Voracious Vampires, Crazy Cartoons, Terrific Trailers, Great Short Subjects and A Fun Feature or Two. Presented by Inkpot Award Winner John Field. Oh yeah, you might even win a Prize! John Field

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Monday, Feb 20, 2017

Monday, Feb 20, 2017 10:00AM

Creating a Difference (Kirby Cafe )
The role of the arts (cartooning, film, visual arts, music) in protesting and commenting on political events and trends. Moderated by Astrid Bear with David G. Brown and Juanele. Astrid Bear, David G. Brown, Juanele

Spotlight on John Semper (Montgomery Theater)
Producer and head writer on the hit show "Spider-Man: The Animated Series" as well as writer and story editor for many other animated series, John Semper will speak about the memorable work he's done and the new projects he's working on now. With Matt Dunford, interviewer. Matt Dunford, John Semper

The Life and Legend of Wallace Wood (Palm A)
Fantagraphics has just published The Life and Legend of Wallace Wood Volume 1 and in connection with its publication, Mike Catron of Fantagraphics will be speaking on comics great Wallace Wood and will be showing lots of Wood art, including a never-before seen EC painting and lots of rare and obscure stuff. Mike Catron

Lord of Light at 50 (Palm B)
This year will see the 50th anniversary of Roger Zelazny's Hugo Award winning novel Lord of Light, a novel that author George R.R. Martin has cited as inspiration for his wildly popular Game of Thrones. Join Barry Ira Geller as he talks about what Lord of Light was to him when he bought the adaptation rights to it, a fiery romance like "Lion in Winter," and what it has become, as a reflection of today's world; the ancient past becomes the future of today. Barry will review his early pitches of the book as film and theme park. Discovering the clashing cultures of Lord of Light is something the world in going through today and not science fiction at all. The book anticipated Star Wars, and many others. It also anticipated a world where technology is suppressed and the truth repressed and modern world activities re-written - the very same as the Gods did (being reborn as a buffalo, etc) in the novel. Far out, huh? Barry will be joined by artist Jacob E. Atienza who is visually adapting Lord of Light. Jacob E. Atienza, Barry Ira Geller

Your First Cartoon in Adobe's Character Animator (Palm D)
D J Summit

Monday, Feb 20, 2017 11:00AM

IDW Comic Art Gallery (Kirby Cafe )
In June of 2015, comics publisher IDW opened the San Diego Comic Art Gallery, the purpose of which was to celebrate comics and provide a window into how comics are made. With gallery exhibitions, creator signings, a great selection of IDW publications, and more, the gallery has been a terrific resource for San Diego comics fans. Gallery manager TJ Shevlin will fill us in on what the gallery has been up to in the past year and what we can expect in the future. Thomas "TJ" Shevlin, Matt Dunford

Everything you wanted to know about Blade Runner - and the Updated Future Noir! (Montgomery Theater)
From 1980 thru 1982, author/filmmaker Paul M. Sammon was given unprecedented access to witness the filming of every stage of BLADE RUNNER, director Ridley Scott's 1982 SF classic. That experience lead Sammon to become friendly with legendary SF author Philip K. Dick, watch Harrison Ford at work, and to the eventual publication of 1996's Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner. A volume which has remained in continuous print for over 20 years and has been called "the greatest production history ever to see print." Now join Paul as he takes all questions on every aspect of the original Blade Runner - plus reveals the facts behind the soon-to-appear, all-new, expanded edition of Future Noir (not to mention Blade Runner 2049!). Paul Sammon

Spotlight on Roberta Gregory and Donna Barr (Palm A)
Alternative, underground, or indie, whichever label one prefers for them, Robert Gregory (comics creator published in Wimmen's Comix, and other anthologies, best known for her 40 issues of Naughty Bits)) and Donna Barr (Comic-Con Inkpot Award winning creator of comic series The Desert Peach, Stinz, and Afterdead) have pushed the boundaries on the kinds of stories that can be told with comics. SDSU Professor Yetta Howard and graduate student Angela Risi will interview Roberta and Donna and discuss their contributions to comics and the wider world. Donna Barr, Roberta Gregory, Yetta Howard, Angela Risi, Anina Bennett

The Science of Superheroes (Palm B)
: Professor Michael Dennin is a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of California, Irvine. His popular course on "The Science of Superheroes" at UCI introduces students to the process of evaluating scientific validity. Professor Dennin also appears on a number of programs on the History Channel, and serves as the superhero scientist on the web series "Fascinating Fights." Join Professor Dennin as he discusses the science of superheroes for Comic Fest attendees. Michael Dennin

The 12 Principles of Animation (Palm D)
D J Summit

Monday, Feb 20, 2017 12:00PM

Acoustic Music (Kirby Cafe )
William Clausen

Animation & Outer Space (Montgomery Theater)
: You will travel to The Moon, Mars and all over the galaxy in this fascinating look at what comes from the imaginations of various studio artisans. John Field presents. John Field

Image turns 25 (Palm A)
On this February 1st, Jim Valentino posted, "25 years ago today we formed Image Comics. They said we wouldn't last six months. Shows ya what 'they' know." It was in 1992 that comics creators Jim Valentino, Whilce Portacio, Erik Larsen, Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane and Marc Silvestri took the great risk of leaving the major publishers to found their own company and own their own creations. The risk paid off and thus was born a major force in comics. This is your chance to hear from co-founder and Comic Fest Guest of Honor Jim Valentino about what Image has accomplished and what we can expect from it in the future. With Alonso Nunez of Little Fish Comic Book Studio as interviewer. Alonso Nunez, Jim Valentino

The Art of Hannes Bok (Palm B)
One of the truly great artists for the fantasy and science-fiction pulps and digests, Hannes Bok had a unique style that is instantly recognizable to his many fans. If you are a fan of this wonderful artist, come share you love for his work with panelists David Clark and Greg Bear. And if you are unfamiliar with his art, this is your chance to discover this unique artistic depicter of the fantastic. Greg Bear, David Clark

Comic Book Layout Using Adobe Indesign (Palm D)
Avery Caldwell

Monday, Feb 20, 2017 1:00PM

Acoustic Music (Kirby Cafe )
Damian and Marion Bowles

The 25th Anniversary of Batman: The Animated Series (Montgomery Theater)
2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the debut of animator Bruce Timm's groundbreaking BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES! Since its debut in '92, when Timm's canny combination of multiple versions of the character's comic incarnations took the animation, comic book and pop culture worlds by storm, the series has only grown in stature, influencing all superhero animation since, and respected as perhaps the greatest translation of not only Batman, but any comic book character, to any medium. Join comic book art historian and illustrator Arlen Schumer (author/designer, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art) for an overview of the "greatest hits" of the series! Arlen Schumer

Will Eisner Centennial (Palm A)
This year sees the 100th anniversary of the birth of comics great Will Eisner, creator of The Spirit, popularizer of the term "graphic novel" with the publication of his book A Contract with God, influential comics teacher through his courses at New York's School of Visual Arts and his books Comics and Sequential Art and Graphic Storytelling and Visual Narrative. He also touched the lives of Jackie Estrada (Administrator of the Eisner Awards) and Batton Lash (Supernatural Law) who will speak about the Will Eisner they knew both as a comics creator and as a person. Jackie Estrada, Batton Lash

Making Comics: Aztec Empire (Palm B)
Join artist/writer Paul Guinan (Boilerplate, Chronos) for a behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating his new comic book series, Aztec Empire. Paul and his wife/editor, Anina Bennett, will show you how it's done, from research and long-term plotting to thumbnailing, scripting, illustrating, coloring, and lettering. Aztec Empire is an historical epic about the Spanish conquest of Mexico, illustrated by Paul and artist David Hahn (Private Beach, Batman 66). Anina Bennett, Paul Guinan

Basics of Digital Illustration (Palm D)
Ryan Peterson

Monday, Feb 20, 2017 2:00PM

We Told You So, Comics As Art (Montgomery Theater)
At the end of last year, Fantagraphics published We Told You So, Comics As Art, which is an oral history of Fantagraphics as the company caps off its 40th year, and involves just about every comics creator in that period, from the Hernandez Brothers to Jim Shooter to Todd McFarland to Robert Crumb. In connection with that upcoming publication, Fantagraphics' Mike Catron will present a very personal perspective as both participant and eyewitness to that period, along with tons of art and photos of famous (and notorious) comics personalities over these past four decades. Mike Catron

When Fans Met Jack Kirby (Palm A)
Fans always loved Jack Kirby's comics work, but when they had the opportunity to visit him or meet him at comic conventions and hear him speak, they discovered he was a warm and thoughtful person who truly appreciated his fans and always had time for them. He was also extremely important to the founding and creation of Comic-Con, and gave valuable advice regarding the sort of event it should be (advice that was followed, of course). Join Phil Yeh, Mike Towry, and other fans as they talk about their encounters with Kirby and what he meant to them. And if you have a Kirby fan story to tell, please come by to share it. Roger Freedman, Willian R. Lund, Mike Towry, Phil Yeh

The Portland Comics Scene: What's Going On? (Palm B)
Image Comics is there. IDW just opened an office there to produce premium comics. Periscope Studios is there. Eric Shanower just moved there from San Diego and he hates the snow! Just what is going on with Portland? Learn all about it first hand from Portland-based comics creators Jim Valentino, Paul Guinan, and Anina Bennett. Anina Bennett, Paul Guinan, Jim Valentino

Creating a Galactic Space Scene With Photoshop 1 3D (Palm D)
Stephen Burns

Monday, Feb 20, 2017 3:00PM

The Whimsical Imagineer (Montgomery Theater)
Screening with Q&A of "The Whimsical Imagineer," a short film about Disney Legend and Imagineer Rolly Crump by Ken Kebow

Vintage San Diego Fandom (Palm A)
Once upon a time, San Diego fans didn't have the Internet, 100 cable channels, DVDs, or streaming services. Hollywood cared little for science fiction and even less for comics. Anyone over the age of twelve who read comic books was viewed with derision by society at large. In those times, it could be "a proud and lonely thing to be a fan." But they had bookstores, and fanzines, and mail-order comics dealers, and comic and science-fiction clubs, and Star Trek, and from its beginnings in 1969, they had the San Diego Comic-Con. Join Guest of Honor Jim Valentino, Jackie Estrada (Eisner Awards Director), Jean Graham (founder of S.T.A.R.) and more as they discuss what it was like to be a fan in those early days, when San Diego fandom was created, as Spock once said, "with stone knives and bearskins." Jackie Estrada, Jean Graham, Willian R. Lund, Jim Valentino

Tarzan, Jungle King of Popular Culture (Palm B)
Based on his recently-published book of the same name, David Lemmo's presentation covers all things related to the pop-culture phenomenon that is Tarzan. David Lemmo

Creating a Galactic Space Scene With Photoshop 2 3D (Palm D)
Stephen Burns

Monday, Feb 20, 2017 4:00PM

Comic Fest Talk Back (Kirby Cafe )
Here's your chance to talk about San Diego Comic Fests past, present, and future with Fest founder Mike Towry and new Fest chairman Matt Dunford. Matt Dunford, Mike Towry

Graphic Novel Creation & Digital Workflow in Adobe Illustrator (Palm D)
Howard Simpson

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