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Saturday, Feb 13, 2016

Time Crescent Garden Salon I Garden Salon II Le Chanticleer
10:00AM The Art of Arkham House
Greg Bear, David Clark, Paul Sammon, Dennis Smith, Pete Von Sholly
Inking: Making the Pencils Pop
Johnny Gerardy, Mark Irwin, Mike Royer
Adventures in Animation
Kevin Altieri
Women in Comics
Anina Bennett, Maritza Campos, Mary Fleener, Trina Robbins, Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson
11:00AM Spirit Skies: Canyon Crest Academy Students Present
Timothy Stiven
Spotlight on John Semper
John Semper
Rock 'N' Roll Comics
Michael Aushenker, Duane Dimock, Jay Allen Sanford, Spike Steffenhagen
I Remember Forry
Jason Brock, Sunni Brock, David Clark, Famous Monsters, William Nolan, Mike Royer
12:00PM Spotlight on Ron Turner, Last Gasp, and Underground Comix
Michael Dooley, Ron Turner
Dino Art We've Known and Loved
Ricardo Delgado, Tracy Ford, Mike Fredericks, Mark Hallett, William Stout, Pete Von Sholly
Spotlight on Rolly Crump
Rolly Crump, Jeff Heimbuch
Web Comics
Maritza Campos, Sebastian 'Bachan' Carrillo
1:00PM Asha Ascending
Sara Richard, Vivek Tiwary
Harry Donenfeld and the Early Days of DC
Harry Donenfeld, Gerard Jones
Spotlight on Greg Bear
Greg Bear, David Brin
Women and Underground Comix
Mary Fleener, Trina Robbins, Ron Turner
2:00PM Spotlight on William Stout
William Stout
The Trial of the Winter Soldier
Josh Gilliland, Paul Grewal, Andrea Letamendi, Janina Scarlet
Spotlight on Stan Sakai and Usagi Yojimbo
Stanley Sakai
Writing and Drawing Convincing Combat
Erik Bear, Jonathan Maberry
3:00PM Remembering Michael Gross
Michael Dooley
Spotlight on Mike Royer
Batton Lash, Mike Royer
Ask Don Glut Anything
Donald Glut
4:00PM Militias and the Apocalypse: A look at David Brin's The Postman in light of recent events in Oregon
Greg Bear, David Brin
The Fleischer Superman Cartoons
Laura Siegel-Larson
Social Fandom and the Power Shift to Fans
Lance James, Jackson Lanzing, Meredith Levine, Andre Meadows, Jenny Stiven, Jonathan Tavss
Making Genre Films Outside the System
Donald Glut, Phil Roberts, Miguel Rodriguez, Vivek Tiwary, William Wall
5:00PM Sexuality in Comics (no kids)
Nicole Eschen, Yetta Howard, William Nericcio
"Uncle" Forry and Film
John Field
Spotlight on Andre Meadows: YouTube Tips, Black Nerd Comedy and More!
Andre Meadows
5:30 San Diego Comic Fest Auction
Alex Cohn
6:00PM What's New from Famous Monsters
Famous Monsters
7:00PM Saturday Night Vintage Sci-Fi Show
Gerry Williams
SaturdaySundayMondayDetailed Listing

Sunday, Feb 14, 2016

Time Brittany Crescent Garden Salon I Garden Salon II Le Chanticleer
10:00AM Creating Movie Posters For Comics
Joe Philips
Ajani Brown
Zero: Dawn of the Darklighters - A Feature Film in Production in San Diego
Caroline Amiguet, Mike Smith, Kimberly Wall, William Wall
Arkham Sessions Podcast
Andrea Letamendi, Brian Ward
The Future of Comics?
Maritza Campos, Liam Sharp, Jenny Stiven, Bryan Talbot
11:00AM Creating Star Wars Art.
Lee Kohse
Comics From Life
Paul Guinan, Bryan Talbot, Mary Talbot
Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, Harry Donenfeld, and the Birth of Comic Books
Harry Donenfeld, Gerard Jones, Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson
Imagineering for Disney and More
Rolly Crump, Jeff Heimbuch, William Stout
How We Write
Anina Bennett, James Hudnall, David Lemmo, Jonathan Maberry, Tone Milazzo, Phil Roberts
12:00PM Character Creature Design
Anthony Jones
Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson: How a Cavalry Major Discovered Superman, Fought for Racial Justice
Gerard Jones, Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson
Gumby through the Years: 1950ís-1960s
Joan Rock Clokey, Joe Clokey
Vivek Tiwary & The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story
Vivek Tiwary, Phil Yeh
Fandom: The Good, the Bad, and the Future
Astrid Bear, Andre Meadows
1:00PM Project Dogwaffle for drawing, sketching, painting and animating (PART 2)
Philip Staiger
Spotlight on Greg Evans, Karen Evans, and Luann
Greg Evans, Karen Evans
Superman: A Hero for the Ages
John Field
Comics Creators and F&SF Authors Meet Hollywood
Beth Accomando, Anina Bennett, James Hudnall, Jonathan Maberry, Jenny Stiven, Vivek Tiwary
Mental Disorders in Fiction
Andrea Letamendi, Tone Milazzo, Janina Scarlet
2:00PM 3D Photoshop For Creative Professionals
Stephen Burns
So you wanna be a video game animator, without spending a fortune on College
Brad Constantine
The Disney I Knew
Rolly Crump, Jeff Heimbuch, Floyd Norman
Music & Comics
Michael Aushenker, Mary Fleener, James Hudnall, Jay Allen Sanford, Spike Steffenhagen, Vivek Tiwary
IDW Comic Art Gallery
Thomas "TJ" Shevlin
3:00PM 3D Concept Design
Kalen Chock
The First Super Heroes of the Serials
John Field, Mike Royer
Fun Times at Hanna-Barbera
Floyd Norman, John Semper, Scott Shaw!
Spotlight on Bryan Talbot
Liam Sharp, Bryan Talbot, Mary Talbot
The Many Shades of Noir
Astrid Bear, Diane Clark, David Lemmo
4:00PM Bring Your Comic Book To Life
Thien Pham
The Pale Rider: Zika, Ebola, GMOs, and the Apocalypse
Greg Bear, Jonathan Maberry
Prehistoric Art for Modern Artists
Ricardo Delgado, Tracy Ford, Mike Fredericks, Mark Hallett
Comics and Creators in Mexico
Maritza Campos, Sebastian 'Bachan' Carrillo, Gaby Maya
Remembering George Clayton Johnson
Jason Brock, Sunni Brock, Paul Johnson, William Nolan
5:00PM   A Valentine for Hammer Horror
Beth Accomando, David Lemmo, Miguel Rodriguez
Oddball Comics Part I
Scott Shaw!
Name That Movie! (An original Game Show)
John Field
Sun Ra, George Clinton, David Bowie, Motherships and Astro Worlds
Delores Fisher
6:00PM   Film Screening: The Story of Rock 'N' Roll Comics
Michael Aushenker, Duane Dimock, Jay Allen Sanford, Spike Steffenhagen
    Spotlight on William Nolan
Jason Brock, William Nolan
7:00PM   Music: Smith/Clausen
8:00PM   Sunday Night Vintage Sci-Fi Show
Gerry Williams
Music: Digital Lizards of Doom
9:00PM   Music: Tate Sanderson
SaturdaySundayMondayDetailed Listing

Monday, Feb 15, 2016

Time Brittany Crescent Garden Salon I Garden Salon II Le Chanticleer
10:00AM Breaking Down The Script Into Comic Layout
Joe Philips
Paul Guinan's Aztec Empire Graphic Novel
Anina Bennett, Paul Guinan
Oddball Comics Part II
Scott Shaw!
War of the Rocketmen - John Semper's new project
John Semper
The Mechanics of Basic Screenwriting
Gerry Williams
11:00AM Creating Star Wars Art
Lee Kohse
Grandville and the Anthropomorphic Tradition
Bryan Talbot
Super-Toons! A Look at Superman In animation and his Impersonators
John Field
Zap! Pow! Rock! Comic Art as Album Art
Mark Habegger, Batton Lash, Bart Mendoza, Scott Shaw!, William Stout
Why Every Character Needs Kryptonite
Eben Brooks, Lisa Kessler, David Lemmo, Tone Milazzo
12:00PM 3D Photoshop For Creative Professionals.
Stephen Burns
Spotlight on Steve Leialoha
Steve Leialoha
Gumby through the Years: 1970-Today
Joan Rock Clokey, Joe Clokey
British Comics
Liam Sharp, Bryan Talbot
We Love Kaiju
Beth Accomando, Miguel Rodriguez
1:00PM Project Dogwaffle for drawing, sketching, painting and animating (PART 3)
Philip Staiger
The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia: A Forthcoming Graphic Novel by Bryan and Mary Talbot
Bryan Talbot, Mary Talbot
The Making of Spider-Man: The Animated Series
John Semper
Hey Hey the Monkees are 70
Duane Dimock, Jack Habegger, Mark Habegger
History of Monsters
David Lemmo, Pete Von Sholly
2:00PM Basics of Digital Illustration
Ryan Peterson
Digital Painting and Computer Coloring for Comics
Jeremy Cox
Stop Motion Magician Ray Harryhausen
John Field
Spotlight on Jonathan Maberry
Jonathan Maberry
San Diego Fandom in the 1960s
Jackie Estrada, Mike Towry
3:00PM Creating Movie Posters For Comics.
Joe Philips
Fun for kids/all-ages with comics and art
John Esparza, Joshua Hauke
Batman at 77 - On the Big and Small Screen and everywhere in between (1943-today)
John Field
  Ackermansion Cafe Memorabilia Auction starting at 3:30pm
4:00PM   CANCELED: David Lynch's Dune
San Diego Comic Fest: Past, Present, and Future.
Mike Towry
SaturdaySundayMondayDetailed Listing