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Saturday, Feb 13, 2016

Saturday, Feb 13, 2016 10:00AM

The Art of Arkham House (Crescent)
Over 75 years ago Arkham House was founded by August Derleth and Donald Wandrei to issue fine hardcover editions of the works of H. P. Lovecraft. Over the years Arkham House expanded its mission to publish works by Ray Bradbury, Robert E. Howard, Frank Belknap Long, Clark Ashton Smith, Robert Bloch, August Derleth himself, and many others. The classic Arkham editions are highly prized and much sought after by collectors, not just for the great stories but also for the wonderful art that has illustrated them. Join our panel of Arkham House afficianados, including Arkham-published author Greg Bear and Arkham artist Dennis Smith, as they take a look at the classic art of this important publishing house. Greg Bear, David Clark, Paul Sammon, Dennis Smith, Pete Von Sholly

Inking: Making the Pencils Pop (Garden Salon I)
Pencils aren't complete until the inkers do their job. Find out what it takes to finish someone else's illustration, how they do it, and why penciling and inking are two separate jobs. (References from Chasing Amy are not allowed.) Johnny Gerardy, Mark Irwin, Mike Royer

Adventures in Animation (Garden Salon II)
A Panel comprised of animation Directors telling the stories of their experiences working in the eccentric world of animation, with a special emphasis on action -adventure cartoons. An absolute must attend for any aspiring animation artist or writer as well as any fan of the genre. Kevin Altieri

Women in Comics (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
With the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman coming up this year, it seems a good time to take a look at how women have been depicted in comics. Join panelists Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson, Trina Robbins, Anina Bennett, and Mary Fleener as they take a look at what's been done in the past and whether things are changing, and changing for the better, now. Anina Bennett, Maritza Campos, Mary Fleener, Trina Robbins, Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson

Saturday, Feb 13, 2016 11:00AM

Spirit Skies: Canyon Crest Academy Students Present (Crescent)
Spirit Skies will be returning to Comic Fest for a second time, having debuted at the Fest last year and presented at Comic Con International 2015. Students of the Envision Conservatories for the Humanities and Visual Arts at Canyon Crest Academy have collaborated to create the forthcoming graphic novel: Jasper in the Spirit Skies.The story aligns with Common Core Curriculum in order to create an educational comic by students, for students around the world. Spirit Skies aims to instill a sense of environmental stewardship in readers. With this goal in mind, panelists will be discussing the projectís development and the role of comics in education. The first half of Volume One will make its debut, prior to its projected publication in June. Attendees will be able to see exclusive concept art and stories from behind-the-scenes! Maybe you can even score a t-shirt! Adrienne Rozells (project manager/writer), Diane Kang (art director/writer), Rachel Liu (artist), Emma Halpern (web design), Haley Chung (artist), Sophia Bayat (artist), and Charlie Spadone (art editor/web design) will be presenting. Timothy Stiven

Spotlight on John Semper (Garden Salon I)
John Semper Jr. has been developing, writing, and producing television and film for the last twenty five years. He is probably best known for his work as both producer and head writer on "Spider-Man: The Animated Series," the hit action-adventure animated series for Fox Television. He subsequently received an Emmy nomination for his work at Warner Brothers Television Animation as story-editor and writer for the successful series "Static Shock". Fans of Japanese anime director Hayao Miyazaki have appreciated his English language scripts for the Disney-released feature films "Laputa: The Castle in the Sky" and "Kikiís Delivery Service." He will be speaking about his work in animation and film and also will let us know about the great new projects he is working on now. John Semper

Rock 'N' Roll Comics (Garden Salon II)
Published by San Diego's Revolutionary Comics, the Rock 'N' Roll Comics series of unauthorized comic biographies of rock stars and bands yanked many a chain in the music industry. Proudly defiant, the publisher Todd Loren weathered numerous lawsuits from the offended subjects of the biographies he published leading to victory in an important First Amendment case. Sadly, Todd was murdered in 1992 and the case has yet to be solved. A panel of Rock 'N' Roll Comics artists and writers will give Comic Fest attendees a first-hand account of the notable and notorious goings on at Revolutionary Comics. Michael Aushenker, Duane Dimock, Jay Allen Sanford, Spike Steffenhagen

I Remember Forry (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
The San Diego Comic Fest is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Forrest J Ackerman, the first convention cosplayer, the creator of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, the only recipient of the unique "#1 Fan Personality" Hugo Award, genial host of the legendary Ackermansion, and the first-ever Comic-Con guest. Join a panel of Forry's friends and admirers in remembering the great man, and maybe share a remembrance of your own. Jason Brock, Sunni Brock, David Clark, Famous Monsters, William Nolan, Mike Royer

Saturday, Feb 13, 2016 12:00PM

Spotlight on Ron Turner, Last Gasp, and Underground Comix (Crescent)
In connection with the first Earth Day in 1970, Ron Turner founded underground comix publisher Last Gasp to publish Slow Death Funnies #1. For his next comic, Ron Turner teamed up with comix creator Trina Robbins to publish the groundbreaking all-women, feminist comic It Ainít Me Babe. Last Gasp would go on to become one of the major publishers in underground comix. Later, as the comix market waned, Last Gasp adapted and diversified over the years into publishing artist monographs, coloring pads, music-related books, and graphic novels. Today it is a major publisher in the world of lowbrow art and pop surrealism, which in large part grew out of the underground comix milieu. Michael Dooley, Ron Turner

Dino Art We've Known and Loved (Garden Salon I)
Fans love dinosaur art and the artists who create it are fans of it themselves. Join Prehistoric Times publisher Mike Fredericks and a talented panel of paleoartists as they discuss the dino art they've known and loved. Ricardo Delgado, Tracy Ford, Mike Fredericks, Mark Hallett, William Stout, Pete Von Sholly

Spotlight on Rolly Crump (Garden Salon II)
Rolly Crump began work at Disney working in animation on several classic Disney films, among them Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp, Sleeping Beauty, and One Hundred and One Dalmatians. In 1959, he joined show design at WED Enterprises, now known as Walt Disney Imagineering. There, he became one of Waltís key designers for some of Disneylandís groundbreaking new attractions and shops, including Haunted Mansion, The Enchanted Tiki Room, itís a small world, and the Adventureland Bazaar. He has been honored by Disney as a Disney Legend and we are honored that he is making a rare appearance at the San Diego Comic Fest. Rolly Crump, Jeff Heimbuch

Web Comics (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
Web Comics professionals will talk about sequential art without a printer, or a distributor, or a publisher. Honestly, it's usually just a person in their pajamas at a computer. What's the process, and the business of web comics? Maritza Campos, Sebastian 'Bachan' Carrillo

Saturday, Feb 13, 2016 1:00PM

Asha Ascending (Crescent)
Join Vivek J. Tiwary and Sara Richard as they give San Diego Comic Fest attendees a first look at their new project, a heavily illustrated YA Novel called "Asha Ascending" that will blur the line between comics and novels. Sara, and Eisner-nominated artist, will debut some of the art while Vivek will read from this story set in a near-future where surgical implants access a virtual Internet, and a teenage girl coder must help an irresponsible party-boy save his motherís life as they race against an evil faction to unlock the code to immortality. Sara Richard, Vivek Tiwary

Harry Donenfeld and the Early Days of DC (Garden Salon I)
Harry Donenfeld gained control of National (DC) comics in 1938 just before Superman became a huge hit. The circumstances under which that happened and the subsequent business dealing of DC with its comic creators have been a source of controversy ever since. Join Gerard Jones, Eisner-winning author of Men of Tomorrow: Geeks, Gangsters and the Birth of the Comic Book, as he interviews the publisher's grandson, also named Harry Donenfeld, who will be sharing family lore in his first ever appearance at a comic convention. Harry Donenfeld, Gerard Jones

Spotlight on Greg Bear (Garden Salon II)
San Diego Comic Fest is proud to welcome Greg Bear back to San Diego as our 2016 Science Fiction Guest of Honor. Greg spent his teen years in San Diego where he became a science-fiction author and helped to get Comic-Con going in its first year. Greg has gone on to win Hugo and Nebula Awards for one of the great bodies of work in the field. Fellow San Diego science-fiction author David Brin will discuss that work with Greg. Greg Bear, David Brin

Women and Underground Comix (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
Join underground comix and womenís comics pioneer, comics herstorian, award-winning graphic novelist, and 2013 Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame inductee Trina Robbins and underground comix pioneer and founder of Last Gasp Publishing company Ron Turner as they talk about the experiences of women cartoonists working in the underground comix field and the depiction of women in comix. Trina put together the first all-women underground comic, It Ainít Me, Babe, which was published by Ron Turner's Last Gasp publishing company. Mary Fleener, Trina Robbins, Ron Turner

Saturday, Feb 13, 2016 2:00PM

Spotlight on William Stout (Crescent)
William Stout has enjoyed a remarkably varied and successful career. In 1971 he began to assist Russ Manning on the Tarzan of the Apes Sunday & daily newspaper comic strips and Eisner Award-winning graphic novels. Since then he's continued to do comics and cartooning, and even collaborated with Harvey Kurtzman, Will Elder, and Moebius. He's done advertising art for over 120 films, worked directly on 40 feature films (including both Conan films, Men In Black, Pan's Labyrinth, The Prestige, The Mist, and even SpongeBob 3), wrote a screenplay for Roger Corman and a dinosaur feature for Jim Henson. Along the way he became a world-class paleoartist (he did the prehistoric-life murals at the San Diego Natural History Museum), did the Children's Choice Award-winning book The Little Blue Brontosaurus, which was the basis for The Land Before Time, and Michael Chrichton acknowledged his work as an inspiration for Jurassic Park. Somehow while doing all this, he has found time to design theme park attractions for Disney and Universal. Be sure not to miss the Comic Fest spotlight on this amazing artist. William Stout

The Trial of the Winter Soldier (Garden Salon I)
Join Federal Magistrate Paul Grewal (from Comic-Con's The Legal Lessons of Star Wars panel), expert-witness psychologists Dr. Andrea Letamendi (The Arkham Sessions) and Dr. Janina Scarlet (Super-Hero Therapy), prosecution and defense teams of legal students, and a jury of fans and pros as they seek to determine whether, as seen in the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes, AKA the "Winter Soldier," was responsible for a multitude of assaults and assassinations, property damage in the billions, and treason against the United States or rather innocent by reason of insanity that resulted from his being captured by enemies who subjected him to torture and brainwashing until he no long knew who he was. (The trial has been organized by attorney Josh Gilliland of The Legal Geeks.) Josh Gilliland, Paul Grewal, Andrea Letamendi, Janina Scarlet

Spotlight on Stan Sakai and Usagi Yojimbo (Garden Salon II)
Stan Sakai was born in Kyoto, Japan, grew up in Hawaii, and now lives in Southern California. His creation, Usagi Yojimbo the samurai rabbit, was first published in 1984 and continues today. He does extensive research for his stories and has received numerous recognitions, including multiple Eisner Awards, a National Cartoonists Society Silver Reuben Award, and the American Library Association Award. After a 2 year hiatus during which he illustrated The 47 Ronin and wrote and drew UY: Senso, both for Dark Horse, he is back on the regular Usagi Yojimbo series. Stanley Sakai

Writing and Drawing Convincing Combat (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
Fight scenes that make the reader feel every bone crack, writing them is harder than you think, especially in prose, but even in comics. How do our writers and artists convey fights to the death and barroom brawls that make your pulse race? Panel moderator and NY Times bestselling author, five-time Bram Stoker Award winner, and comic book writer Jonathan Maberry (Joe Ledger series, Dead of Night, Rot & Ruin, V-Wars) is an acknowledged master of this skill, which is not surprising considering that he began learning martial arts at the age of 6, and the earliest books he wrote included Judo and You, Ultimate Jujutsu, and Ultimate Sparring. Erik Bear, Jonathan Maberry

Saturday, Feb 13, 2016 3:00PM

Remembering Michael Gross (Crescent)
Art director for National Lampoon Magazine in it's glory days, producer on Heavy Metal, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, and many more, artist, photographer, Michael Gross was an important figure in the popular arts. Join his friends and admirers in paying tribute to him. Michael Dooley

Spotlight on Mike Royer (Garden Salon II)
Mike Royer began his career assisting Russ Manning on the TARZAN, and MAGNUS ROBOT FIGHTER comic books, for whom he would later also ink the TARZAN and STAR WARS comic strips. As he continued to work in comic books and strips, he also moved into TV animation, even laying out 1/3rd of the 1st Saturday morning SPIDERMAN animated series. However, Mike is probably best known for his almost decade in which he was JACK KIRBYís personal choice to work with him on his Fourth World series at D.C. and his return to Marvel. Beginning in the spring of 1979 Mike, spent the next 14 years on staff at the WALT DISNEY STUDIOS as a product designer and character artist. At Disney, Mike created the "new look" that launched the massive WINNIE THE POOH licensing program in late 1993 and was featured in a 43 min. "How To Draw Pooh" video sent out to over 40 licensees. Mike takes no small amount of pride in the fact that within a year POOH was outselling MICKEY MOUSE worldwide. (Mike will be interviewed by fellow cartoonist Batton Lash.) Batton Lash, Mike Royer

Ask Don Glut Anything (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
Yes, that's right, ask Don Glut anything, we dare you. No, seriously, Don Glut has a wealth of experience first as a young fan and then as a professional comics writer, best-selling novelist (including the first Star Wars novelization), genre film maker, and so much more. He's got an amazing store of lore and answers to your genre-related questions at the ready. Donald Glut

Saturday, Feb 13, 2016 4:00PM

Militias and the Apocalypse: A look at David Brin's The Postman in light of recent events in Oregon (Crescent)
Reader's of David Brin's 1985 post-apocalyptic novel The Postman, which was adapted as a major motion picture by Kevin Costner, may have thought of that book when reading of recent militia-related events in rural Oregon. In David's book, militia were responsible for preventing civil society from reforming after near-apocalyptic events. Join David Brin and Science Fiction Guest of Honor Greg Bear as they discuss the novel in the light of recent events and consider what ultimately may result form the growing divisions in our society. Greg Bear, David Brin

The Fleischer Superman Cartoons (Garden Salon I)
Laura Siegel Larson, the daughter of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel, talks about the Fleischer Superman Cartoons, which will be having their 75th anniversary this year. Laura will talk about what her parents thought of them, the depiction of Superman and Lois Lane, what Joe Shusterís involvement was at the Fleischer Studios in Florida, and then will show one of them and do an analysis of it, comparing it to what was going on with Superman in the comic books at the time. She will also show a photo of her dad and Joe making a public appearance in the lobby of a theater in Cleveland when the first cartoon premiered and will point out some interesting details in the photo. Laura Siegel-Larson

Social Fandom and the Power Shift to Fans (Garden Salon II)
Social Media has given fans of entertainment properties - Film, TV, Home Entertainment, Videogames, Comics, etc. - more power and even larger roles in their success than ever before. However, a myriad of challenges can wreak havoc when it comes to engaging the social heart of fandom for these properties. Come listen to our industry experts discuss this rapidly expanding field, the lessons learned, tips & tricks, as well sharing some exclusive content from upcoming properties. There will be time for Q & A or to share your story/experience from the Social Fandom universe! Lance James, Jackson Lanzing, Meredith Levine, Andre Meadows, Jenny Stiven, Jonathan Tavss

Making Genre Films Outside the System (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
Independent filmmakers talk about what it takes to make a genre movie outside the studio system. From Conception, through creation, and into completion and marketing. What are the advantages and disadvantages of going it on your own? Donald Glut, Phil Roberts, Miguel Rodriguez, Vivek Tiwary, William Wall

Saturday, Feb 13, 2016 5:00PM

Sexuality in Comics (no kids) (Crescent)
SDSU and CSUN Professors William Nericcio, Yetta Howard, and Nicole Eschen discuss representations of sexual identity in comics, graphic sexual narratives, and how the form accommodates sex-related themes and sexual activity. Topics include (but are not limited to) the erotic imagination of Gilbert Hernandez in Human Diastrophism (Blood of Palomar) and Birdland; pornographic aesthetics in Chester Brown's Paying For It and Colleen Cooverís Small Favors; and sexploitation in Bitch Planet. Some panelists will address approaches to teaching these texts at the university level. [Please not that this panel will be limited to those 18 an older.] Nicole Eschen, Yetta Howard, William Nericcio

"Uncle" Forry and Film (Garden Salon I)
John Field not only visited with Forry at his home, "The AckerMansion", but also hosted Q and As and has great memories of this great man. Known to fellow Baby Boomers as "Uncle" Forry, he contributed greatly to their lives. John will offer Monster Movie previews from his favorite films, rare clips of Forry from various documentaries, and his great cameos in countless films John Field

Spotlight on Andre Meadows: YouTube Tips, Black Nerd Comedy and More! (Garden Salon II)
San Diego Comic Fest's 2016 Fan Guest of Honor Andre Meadows is an actor/comedian and "Black Nerd" of BLACK NERD COMEDY, his YouTube channel with weekly video rants, reviews, news and nostalgia. Andre Meadows

5:30 San Diego Comic Fest Auction (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
Come check out the Comic Fest auction. Thereíll be rare comics, signed original art work, toys, DVDís, and so much more. Auctions start as low as $1, so thereís bargains to be had. This is a LIVE auction and loads of fun to check out. Auctioning gets underway at 5:30 PM. Alex Cohn

Saturday, Feb 13, 2016 6:00PM

What's New from Famous Monsters (Crescent)
Forry Ackerman's Famous Monsters of Filmland, the magazine that launched a thousand film careers, lives on thanks to the care of current publisher Philip Kim. Learn what's new from Famous Monsters and what we can expect to be seeing in the future. Also hear all about the new comics line from Famous Monsters. Famous Monsters

Saturday, Feb 13, 2016 7:00PM

Saturday Night Vintage Sci-Fi Show (Crescent)
Gerry Williams will unlock his film vault to bring to Comic Fest a selection of vintage sci-fi films to show on Saturday and Sunday nights. There are sure to be some fun surprises. Gerry Williams

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Sunday, Feb 14, 2016

Sunday, Feb 14, 2016 10:00AM

Creating Movie Posters For Comics (Brittany)
Joe Philips

Afrofuturism (Crescent)
AfroFuturism remixes history and projects possible futures through a black cultural lens. Here we will explore how science fiction concerns itself with the black experience with Prof. Ajani Brown. Ajani Brown

Zero: Dawn of the Darklighters - A Feature Film in Production in San Diego (Garden Salon I)
William Wall's award-winning short film Zero about an adorable little robot of the same name has now led to the San Diego-based production of the full-length feature film ZERO: DAWN OF THE DARKLIGHTERS. Join William Wall (Director), Caroline Amiguet (Actress), Mike Smith (VFX Supervisor), and Kimberly Wall (Producer) as they discuss what's new for Zero. Caroline Amiguet, Mike Smith, Kimberly Wall, William Wall

Arkham Sessions Podcast (Garden Salon II)
The Arkham Sessions, hosted by Dr. Andrea Letamendi and Brian Ward, is a weekly podcast dedicated to the psychological analysis of Batman: The Animated Series . Nostalgic, humorous, and even a little educational, each episode promises to lend some insight into the heroes, villains, and classic stories of the Dark Knight! Join the Arkham hosts as they create their latest episode live at Comic Fest. Andrea Letamendi, Brian Ward

The Future of Comics? (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
Digital comics, eReaders, web comics, motion comics: are comics leaving paper behind?What implications do these technologies have for the art form? Will they encourage innovations in comics storytelling or stifle it? What new opportunities are there for comics creators? Maritza Campos, Liam Sharp, Jenny Stiven, Bryan Talbot

Sunday, Feb 14, 2016 11:00AM

Creating Star Wars Art. (Brittany)
Lee Kohse

Comics From Life (Crescent)
Biographical or historical non-fiction comics and comics based on real life have been with us for years. What goes into a good non-genre comic? What makes them different from superhero, sci-fi, or fantasy-based comics? Paul Guinan, Bryan Talbot, Mary Talbot

Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, Harry Donenfeld, and the Birth of Comic Books (Garden Salon I)
For the first time anywhere, comics historian Gerard Jones, granddaughter and biographer of DC/National founder Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, and Harry Donenfeld, grandson of the publisher of the same name who got control of DC just before Superman became a hit and who has been a controversial figure to this day, will talk together on stage about the birth of American comic books. Harry Donenfeld, Gerard Jones, Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson

Imagineering for Disney and More (Garden Salon II)
Who hasn't enjoyed the wonderful part attractions from Disney, Universal, and others? The designers who create these attractions are often called "Imagineers" and we are honored that two of the best, Rolly Crump (original Disneyland designer for the Haunted Mansion, the Tiki Room, and more) and William Stout (Disney, Universal) are appearing at Comic Fest to give us a behind the scenes look at their work. Rolly Crump, Jeff Heimbuch, William Stout

How We Write (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
Ever wonder how a story gets made? They don't fall out of the sky. Our panel of professional writers will share how they put pencil to paper and build worlds from the sweat of their brows. Anina Bennett, James Hudnall, David Lemmo, Jonathan Maberry, Tone Milazzo, Phil Roberts

Sunday, Feb 14, 2016 12:00PM

Character Creature Design (Brittany)
Anthony Jones

Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson: How a Cavalry Major Discovered Superman, Fought for Racial Justice (Crescent)
Comic Fest guests Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson, granddaughter of National/DC comics founder Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, and comics historian Gerard Jones, talk about Nicky's grandfather, about whom they are co-authoring a biography titled, Lost Hero: How a Cavalry Major Discovered Superman, Fought for Racial Justice and Had His Name Erased from History. Learn as near to firsthand as possible about this larger-than-live man who played such a seminal role in the creation of the American comic book. Gerard Jones, Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson

Gumby through the Years: 1950ís-1960s (Garden Salon I)
Joe Clokey, the son of Gumby creator Art Clokey, is bringing back Gumby along with his wife and partner, Joan Rock Clokey. In this first of two programs, join the Clokeys as they take a look at the orginal classic Gumby episodes from the 1950s and 1960s, which they have recently restored, remastered, and reissued. Joan Rock Clokey, Joe Clokey

Vivek Tiwary & The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story (Garden Salon II)
Vivek J. Tiwary is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the award-winning graphic novel The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story (for which he has written the screenplay for the forthcoming major film adaptation, which he is co-producing with Simon Cowell), a Tony Award-winning Broadway producer, and the founder of multi-platform arts and entertainment company Tiwary Entertainment Group. Learn more about Vivek, his creative and business work in comics, and what's the latest for The Fifth Beatle. (Phil Yeh will join Vivek in discussing his work.) Vivek Tiwary, Phil Yeh

Fandom: The Good, the Bad, and the Future (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
With political and cultural divisions manifesting (Sad Puppies and the Hugos), alarm over bullying and harassment, worries over a growing age divide (with young fans increasingly consuming genre fiction via films and TV), and questions over inclusiveness, what really is the current state of comics and science-fiction fandom, where does they seem to be headed, and what can and should fans do about it? Astrid Bear, Andre Meadows

Sunday, Feb 14, 2016 1:00PM

Project Dogwaffle for drawing, sketching, painting and animating (PART 2) (Brittany)
Philip Staiger

Spotlight on Greg Evans, Karen Evans, and Luann (Crescent)
Greg Evans' syndicated newspaper comic strip Luann was launched on March 17, 1985 and has since become one of the most popular strips in the country, with Greg winning the National Cartoonist Society 2003 Reuben Award as Cartoonist of the Year for it. Currently, Greg is assisted on the strip by his daughter, Karen Evans, who will be joining him at the Comic Fest to talk about all things Luann. Greg Evans, Karen Evans

Superman: A Hero for the Ages (Garden Salon I)
Film shown in this program features Superman from the Radio show up to today. Footage includes the very first appearance of Superman in human form from the 1939 New York World's fair. A clip from the extremely popular radio series. The Man of Steels debut in cinemas, in the form of the hit animated series by Max and Dave Fleischer. Highlights from the Kirk Alyn Superman Serials, the great George Reeves in action packed clips from the 50s t.v. series THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, Superman the Movie, Superman Returns, Man of Steel etc. etc. Rare clips abound in this entertaining presentation. John Field

Comics Creators and F&SF Authors Meet Hollywood (Garden Salon II)
What happens when artists and writers come face to face with the Hollywood machine? Was it a dream? Was it an nightmare? Find out from our panelists' experiences. Beth Accomando, Anina Bennett, James Hudnall, Jonathan Maberry, Jenny Stiven, Vivek Tiwary

Mental Disorders in Fiction (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
An estimated one in four adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year, and popular culture is starting to consider these disorders beyond the typical approach of, "The Villain is Crazy." What are the challenges of writing protagonists with mental disorders? Who has done it well? And what are some common mistakes? Andrea Letamendi, Tone Milazzo, Janina Scarlet

Sunday, Feb 14, 2016 2:00PM

3D Photoshop For Creative Professionals (Brittany)
Stephen Burns

So you wanna be a video game animator, without spending a fortune on College (Crescent)
Brad Constantine, experienced online-game artist for Sony Online Entertainment and San Diego's Daybreak Games, will lay out the skills needed for the profession, education options, requirements, and show examples of his work as they relate to the discussion. He also will give a view of his workplace, and the tools he uses on a daily basis. Brad Constantine

The Disney I Knew (Garden Salon I)
The recent PBS show on Walt Disney included brief interviews with Disney Legends Rolly Crump and Floyd Norman but did not give them enough time to truly explore their experiences working directly with Walt Disney and their personal views of him. Join original Disneyland Imagineer Rolly Crump and Disney animator and story writer Floyd Norman to hear their first-hand accounts of life with Disney. Rolly Crump, Jeff Heimbuch, Floyd Norman

Music & Comics (Garden Salon II)
Music and comics, two forms of popular art that have often crossed paths (though not as often as we'd like). A panel of creators of music-related comics will tell us all about it. Michael Aushenker, Mary Fleener, James Hudnall, Jay Allen Sanford, Spike Steffenhagen, Vivek Tiwary

IDW Comic Art Gallery (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
Special shows, creator signings, and great pop-culture fun await you this year at IDW's Comic Art Gallery in Liberty Station. Join manager TJ to learn all about it. Thomas "TJ" Shevlin

Sunday, Feb 14, 2016 3:00PM

3D Concept Design (Brittany)
Kalen Chock

The First Super Heroes of the Serials (Crescent)
Hardly any film fan today, realizes that Batman starred in two action packed serials in 1943 and 1949! Superman as well premiered in the flesh in 1948. Clips shown at this fun filled presentation include Captain Marvel, Captain America, Rocketman, and more. Enjoy a nostalgic look back at a time before the era of big-budget superhero films. John Field, Mike Royer

Fun Times at Hanna-Barbera (Garden Salon I)
While we've all had fun watching Hanna-Barbera cartoons, the writers and animators who created them had even more fun creating them. Learn what it was like from Hanna-Barbera veterans Scott Shaw!, Floyd Norman, and John Semper. Floyd Norman, John Semper, Scott Shaw!

Spotlight on Bryan Talbot (Garden Salon II)
Of San Diego Comic Fest 2016 Guest of Honor Bryan Talbot, it has been said that he "practically invented the graphic novel." Neil Gaiman said of his work, "People are looking at [his] huge body of work, any book of which would be significant. Bryan is, you know, one of the greats." Fellow British comics creator Liam Sharp will talk with Bryan about his work and his thoughts and feelings about comics. Liam Sharp, Bryan Talbot, Mary Talbot

The Many Shades of Noir (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
Noir in its various forms was pioneered by the literary works of Dashiell Hammett, refined by Raymond Chandler's hard boiled novels, and written through the point of view of criminals, lowlifes, and losers by James M. Cain and Jim Thompson. Film Noir, emphasizing cynicism and sexual motivations, is associated with the many shaded black and white filming style that has roots in German Expressionist cinematography, and continued the themes of normality assailed by the twists of fate, and chaotic elements eradicated by various forces of social-street order. In this day, a Non-Fiction style of Noir has arisen, characterized by a multicultural, multidisciplinary, pan-artistic approach which includes poetry, art, and photography. Learn more about it all from noir in San Diego authors David Lemmo, Astrid Bear, and Diane Clark. Astrid Bear, Diane Clark, David Lemmo

Sunday, Feb 14, 2016 4:00PM

Bring Your Comic Book To Life (Brittany)
Thien Pham

The Pale Rider: Zika, Ebola, GMOs, and the Apocalypse (Crescent)
With the recently passed Ebola crisis, the newly developing crisis of the Zika virus, and the concerns over the possibilities of genetically-engineered disease organisms, authors Greg Bear and Jonathan Maberry take a look at the apocalyptic possibilities that we may face in the not-too-distant future. Greg Bear, Jonathan Maberry

Prehistoric Art for Modern Artists (Garden Salon I)
Depictions of prehistoric life have been central to the success of blockbuster movies, best-selling comics and novels, and even video games. Who has or hasn't done it well, and how can modern paleoartists make their work both accurate and awesome? Ricardo Delgado, Tracy Ford, Mike Fredericks, Mark Hallett

Comics and Creators in Mexico (Garden Salon II)
Mexico has a history of producing sequential art going back to the ancient Maya, and from the 20th century to the present has had a lively comics scene with many fine artists, writers, and, of course fans. The San Diego Comic Fest is proud to welcome Gaby Maya from Mexico City and Maritza Campos and Bachan from the Yucatan who let us know about what if happening with comics in Mexico in general and about their own fine work in particular. Maritza Campos, Sebastian 'Bachan' Carrillo, Gaby Maya

Remembering George Clayton Johnson (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
Screen writer for Rod Serling's Twilight Zone and Star Trek), author of "Ocean's 11" and co-author of Logan's Run, raconteur and master of living life on his own terms, and best-friend to fandom, George Clayton Johnson passed away late last year. Find out about this remarkable man from those who knew him well, including his son, Paul Johnson, and Logan's Run co-author William Nolan. Jason Brock, Sunni Brock, Paul Johnson, William Nolan

Sunday, Feb 14, 2016 5:00PM

A Valentine for Hammer Horror (Crescent)
The UK's Hammer Studios existed in some form since the silent era, but it wasn't until they breathed new life into classic Gothic monsters that they really secured their place in cinema history. A look at the history of Hammer Horror with clips from films and a focus on the films of the 60s and 70s. Will coincide with the launch of a year-long tribute to Hammer Horror at the Digital Gym Cinema. Attendees to the Hammer Panel will receive limited Hammer Horror Valentines and be eligible for unique trivia prizes! Beth Accomando, David Lemmo, Miguel Rodriguez

Oddball Comics Part I (Garden Salon I)
This year, Scott Shaw! brings his ever-popular, ever-hilarious Oddball Comics show in two parts to Comic Fest because one program is not enough for all the comic oddness that Scott has found to share with us! Scott Shaw!

Name That Movie! (An original Game Show) (Garden Salon II)
The hit of the San Diego Comic-Con comes to Comic Fest! Tired of your typical game show? Boring questions and even more boring things to look at? Here is something completely different. Film Fan Extraordinaire and Inkpot Award Winner John Field will present and host this exciting game and you can be part of it! John has taken clips from 50 different Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy films. The contestantís job is to name as many clips as they can! Whoever names the most clips within the show, wins!. Yes, John will have prizes for first, second, third and even fourth place winners! Put your name in the magic film can, your name could be drawn and you could play!. If anyone in the audience can guess the film that stumps our panel, they win a prize as well. Don't miss this entertainment packed fun show!. Guaranteed to be an even you will long remember. John Field

Sun Ra, George Clinton, David Bowie, Motherships and Astro Worlds (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
A select look at Sun Ra's, George Clinton's, and David Bowie's extra-terrestrial alter ego stage personas and ways in which cultural visions of other realities inform their music. Delores Fisher

Sunday, Feb 14, 2016 6:00PM

Film Screening: The Story of Rock 'N' Roll Comics (Crescent)
Enjoy a film screening of THE STORY OF ROCK 'N' ROLL COMICS in the company of key figures from story: Jay Allen Sanford, Spike Steffenhagen, Michael Aushenker, and Comic Fest's own Duane Dimock. Michael Aushenker, Duane Dimock, Jay Allen Sanford, Spike Steffenhagen

Spotlight on William Nolan (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
Though perhaps best known for coauthoring the novel Logan's Run, William Nolan has written hundreds of stories in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres. He also had a long career in the movie industry and co-wrote the screenplay for the 1976 horror film Burnt Offerings which starred Karen Black and Bette Davis. He has twice won the Edgar Allan Poe Award from the Mystery Writers of America, was voted a Living Legend in Dark Fantasy by the International Horror Guild in 2002, and in 2006 was bestowed the honorary title of Author Emeritus by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. In 2010, he received the Lifetime Achievement Bram Stoker Award from the Horror Writers Association (HWA) and was a Special Award Winner at the 2013 World Fantasy Awards. Jason Brock, William Nolan

Sunday, Feb 14, 2016 7:00PM

Music: Smith/Clausen (Garden Salon I)

Sunday, Feb 14, 2016 8:00PM

Sunday Night Vintage Sci-Fi Show (Crescent)
Gerry Williams will unlock his film vault to bring to Comic Fest a selection of vintage sci-fi films to show on Saturday and Sunday nights. There are sure to be some fun surprises. Gerry Williams

Music: Digital Lizards of Doom (Garden Salon I)

Sunday, Feb 14, 2016 9:00PM

Music: Tate Sanderson (Garden Salon I)

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Monday, Feb 15, 2016

Monday, Feb 15, 2016 10:00AM

Breaking Down The Script Into Comic Layout (Brittany)
Joe Philips

Paul Guinan's Aztec Empire Graphic Novel (Crescent)
The latest project by Paul Guinan, of Boilerplate fame, is the incredible but true story of the fall of the Aztec Empire, told in graphic novel form by Paul Guinan and David Hahn. Learn all about this highly anticipated work as Paul is interviewed by Anina Bennett. (Heartbreakers). Anina Bennett, Paul Guinan

Oddball Comics Part II (Garden Salon I)
Enjoy part II of Scott Shaw!'s ever-popular, ever-hilarious Oddball Comics show. If you saw the first part, you know how much fun it is. Scott Shaw!

War of the Rocketmen - John Semper's new project (Garden Salon II)
Learn all about the latest TV project from "Spider-Man: The Animated Series" producer and head writer John Semper: The WAR OF THE ROCKETMEN! It is inspired by the old Republic serials of the thirties and forties, and the many rocket-powered comic book, TV, and movie heroes from over the years in the vein of COMMANDO CODY and Dave Stevens' astounding "ROCKETEER." John Semper

The Mechanics of Basic Screenwriting (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
From a Director/Producerís point-of-view ó What you need to know to turn your script over to the Filmmakers. Gerry Williams

Monday, Feb 15, 2016 11:00AM

Creating Star Wars Art (Brittany)
Lee Kohse

Grandville and the Anthropomorphic Tradition (Crescent)
Bryan Talbot discusses his Grandville graphic novel series of steampunk detective thrillers and the venerable and ongoing tradition of anthropomorphic characters in illustration and comics from which they have grown, pointing out references to this tradition and 19th century art within the Grandville books themselves. Bryan Talbot

Super-Toons! A Look at Superman In animation and his Impersonators (Garden Salon I)
A historical, and often hysterical, look at the various big and small screen incarnations of the Man of Steel featuring: A Great Max & Dave Fleischer cartoon from the 1940's, Snafuperman, a very early Mighty Mouse cartoon when he was known as Supermouse!, Super-Rabbit, Stuporduck, Super-Pink, Super-Chicken and even Super-Popeye! Plus other rare footage seen nowhere else! John Field

Zap! Pow! Rock! Comic Art as Album Art (Garden Salon II)
A distinguished panel of creators discuss the greatest album covers inspired by comics! From Underground Comix to Manga and beyond, we will take a look at classic artwork from such masters as Jack Davis, R. Crumb, and Frank Frazetta. Mark Habegger, Batton Lash, Bart Mendoza, Scott Shaw!, William Stout

Why Every Character Needs Kryptonite (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
We'll discuss the Achilles heel in fiction and why it's important. We'll share some weaknesses of our favorite paranormal creatures, superheroes, and villains, and talk about why the vulnerability leads to strength of character. Eben Brooks, Lisa Kessler, David Lemmo, Tone Milazzo

Monday, Feb 15, 2016 12:00PM

3D Photoshop For Creative Professionals. (Brittany)
Stephen Burns

Spotlight on Steve Leialoha (Crescent)
Steve Leialoha is best known for his inking and penciling on Fables from the first issue to the last, garnering five Eisner Awards. Since the mid 70ís, he has also drawn Dr. Strange, Iron Man, the X-Men, New Mutants, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, the Hitchhikerís Guide to the Galaxy and Star Trek. As an inker he contributed to Warlock, Howard the Duck, Daredevil, the GI Joe silent issue, Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Secret Wars II, and the original Star Wars movie adaptation. More recent contributions include the Vertigo titles: Jack of Fables, Nevada, Petrefax, the Dreaming, Dead Boy Detectives, and illustrating the Fables novel Peter & Max! Steve Leialoha

Gumby through the Years: 1970-Today (Garden Salon I)
Joe Clokey, the son of Gumby creator Art Clokey, is bringing back Gumby along with his wife and partner, Joan Rock Clokey. In this second of two programs, join the Clokeys as they take a look at Gumby from 1970 through today and let us know their plans for new Gumby films and stories to come. Joan Rock Clokey, Joe Clokey

British Comics (Garden Salon II)
From Dan Dare to 2000 A.D. and beyond. What's been going on in the comics scene across the pond? And what started the British invasion of the 80s? Learn the inside story from Bryan Talbot who started it all and Liam Sharp who was there when it took the comics world by storm. Liam Sharp, Bryan Talbot

We Love Kaiju (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
We love Kaiju! Whether it's Godzilla, Gamera, Mothra, Rodan, King Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla, Daimajin, or the monsters from Pacific Rim, we love them all. Come share the Kaiju love with moderator Miguel Rodriguez and his enthusiastic panelists. Beth Accomando, Miguel Rodriguez

Monday, Feb 15, 2016 1:00PM

Project Dogwaffle for drawing, sketching, painting and animating (PART 3) (Brittany)
Philip Staiger

The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia: A Forthcoming Graphic Novel by Bryan and Mary Talbot (Crescent)
Bryan Talbot and Mary Talbot have collaborated on two published graphic novels. The first, Dotter of her Fatherís Eyes, won the prestigious British Costa Biography Award in 2013 and was described by Neil Gaiman as being a "beautiful, personal mingling of biography and autobiography" that is "truly great." The second they collaborated on (along with Kate Charlesworth) was the wonderful "Sally Heathcote, Suffragette." Now join Bryan and Mary as the discuss the latest graphic novel they are collaborating, The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia, which is set in a turbulent period of French history. Against a background of violence and state repression, it chronicles the amazing life of Louise Michel, a revolutionary feminist who fought on the barricades in 1870s Paris. (It is due to be published by Dark Horse in May, 2016.) Bryan Talbot, Mary Talbot

The Making of Spider-Man: The Animated Series (Garden Salon I)
During the 1990s, John Semper was the producer/story editor for the much loved Spider-Man: The Animated Series, which ran from 1994 to 1998. We are thrilled that he is here at the San Diego Comic Fest to tell us all about it. John Semper

Hey Hey the Monkees are 70 (Garden Salon II)
Yow, its been 50 years since the Monkees swung onto to the TV set in Sept 1966. The WORD, Monkees, still brings the image and illusion, that the group was only a manufactured, plastic, Hollywood creation. Well... not true at all, they were accomplished musicians, writers and producers. Brought to you by experts, a author and life long fans of the group. These panelists, will relate fun facts, short histories, video clips and perspectives you have not experienced before. You will be exposed to behind the scene activities including, pissing off Peter, annoying Micky, making Monkee Money and being sued for 1,000,000.00 by Columbia Pictures. Each attendee will be receiving a free collectible Monkees calendar, which you can pick out your birthday on. Actually not true, as the calendar is missing ONE day. Duane Dimock, Jack Habegger, Mark Habegger

History of Monsters (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
David Lemmo, Pete Von Sholly

Monday, Feb 15, 2016 2:00PM

Basics of Digital Illustration (Brittany)
Ryan Peterson

Digital Painting and Computer Coloring for Comics (Crescent)
Comic's coloring has come a long, long way in the last few decades, and digital technologies are why. Come see behind the scenes at the tools an techniques that make colors pop and blend. Jeremy Cox

Stop Motion Magician Ray Harryhausen (Garden Salon I)
In these days of overblown computer effects, we look back at this master animator. Clips from his early works for George Pal, as well as projects that were never made, such as WAR OF THE WORLDS. A loving tribute full of great movie magic. John Field

Spotlight on Jonathan Maberry (Garden Salon II)
Jonathan Maberry is a NY Times bestselling author, five-time Bram Stoker Award winner, and comic book writer. He writes the Joe Ledger thrillers, the Rot & Ruin series, the Nightsiders series, the Dead of Night series. His comic book works include CAPTAIN AMERICA, BAD BLOOD, ROT & RUIN, V-WARS, and others. His books EXTINCTION MACHINE and V-WARS are in development for TV, and ROT & RUIN is in development as a series of feature films. Prior to becoming a full-time novelist, Jonathan spent twenty-five years as a magazine feature writer, martial arts instructor and playwright. He was a featured expert on the History Channel documentary, Zombies: A Living History and will be featured in a new cable TV documentary series on monsters in mythology and urban legend. Jonathan Maberry

San Diego Fandom in the 1960s (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
San Diego Fandom in the 1960s What was it like to be a comics and sf fan in San Diego BCC (before Comic-Con)? Where did fans get their new comics? Where did they get their old comics? (Do the names John Hull and Mrs. Lanning ring a bell?) How did they find each other in San Diego? How did they find other fans around the U.S.? Find out from the folks who were there. Jackie Estrada, Mike Towry

Monday, Feb 15, 2016 3:00PM

Creating Movie Posters For Comics. (Brittany)
Joe Philips

Fun for kids/all-ages with comics and art (Crescent)
Kids of all ages can enjoy making comics. In this program, artists Joshua Hauke and John Esparza will show you how. John Esparza, Joshua Hauke

Batman at 77 - On the Big and Small Screen and everywhere in between (1943-today) (Garden Salon I)
Batman on film is presented in his earliest appearance in the 1943 Columbia Serials, as well as the Batman TV series starring Adam West, each of the Batman movies, rare commercials and promos. And exclusive clips from Batman vs. Superman. Don't miss this Bat-tac-ular program! John Field

Ackermansion Cafe Memorabilia Auction starting at 3:30pm (Le Chanticleer - 9th Floor)
Own a piece of Comic Fest history!

Monday, Feb 15, 2016 4:00PM

CANCELED: David Lynch's Dune (Crescent)
THIS PANEL HAS BEEN CANCELED: David Lynch's film of Frank Herbert's classic science-fiction novel Dune evokes strong opinions from fans, many of whom view it as an epic, though whether it's an epic achievement or epic disaster is often disputed. Join Paul Sammon (who made the official promo film for Dune and is currently writing a book about the film) as he takes a look at what really happened.

San Diego Comic Fest: Past, Present, and Future. (Garden Salon I)
This will be the Comic Fest "talk back" wrap up. It will also be a chance for us all to reflect on Comic Fests past and discuss the future direction of the Fest and what we'd like to see. Mike Towry

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