Bryan and Mary Talbot

San Diego Comic Fest 2016 guests Bryan and Mary Talbot
Bryan Talbot has written and drawn comics and graphic novels for over 30 years, including Judge Dredd, Batman, Sandman, The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, The Tale of One Bad Rat, Heart of Empire, Alice in Sunderland, Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes (written by Mary Talbot) and his current Grandville series of steampunk detective thrillers. In the recent biographical film, The Graphic Novel Man – The Comics of Bryan Talbot, comics writer Andy Diggle says, “Bryan Talbot is one of those pivotal figures in British comics. He practically invented the graphic novel.” Also appearing in the film is author Neil Gaiman, who says of Bryan, “People are looking at this huge body of work, any book of which would be significant. Bryan is, you know, one of the greats.” (Visit Bryan online at

Mary Talbot is an internationally acclaimed scholar of gender, language and power who now writes graphic novels. Her first, Dotter of her Father’s Eyes (with Bryan Talbot), won the Costa Biography Award in 2013. When asked by The New York Times, “What was the last truly great book you read?”, Neil Gaiman said,”The latest graphic novel I read was Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes, by Mary M. Talbot, drawn by Bryan Talbot…. I wasn’t expecting such a beautiful, personal mingling of biography (of Lucia, James Joyce’s daughter) and autobiography (Mary’s father was a Joycean scholar) told so winningly and wisely. It’s short but is, I think, truly great.” Her second graphic novel, Sally Heathcote, Suffragette (with Kate Charlesworth and Bryan Talbot), came out in May 2014. (Visit Mary online at

The San Diego Comic Fest is delighted and honored that Bryan and Mary Talbot will be Guests of Honor at the 2016 Fest.