Virtual Reality Comics Demos on Oculus by Madefire

It was a big hit at the New York Comic Con and now’s your chance to try out the new Virtual Reality Comics on Oculus platform from Madefire here on the West Coast at the San Diego Comic Fest. Liam Sharp, DC Wonder Woman artist and Madefire co-founder, will speak about virtual reality and the future of comics while Madefire VR developers Diego Medina and Josh Wilkie give hands-on VR demos on the Oculus.

Writer on pop culture for Forbes and ICv2 and author of Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture Rob Salkowitz will be speaking with Liam Sharp at the Fest on the topic “The Future of Storytelling.” Rob had a chance to try out Madefire’s new Virtual Reality comics at New York Comic Con and had the following to say about it in an article for Forbe’s: “The floor of New York Comic Con has no shortage of cool and spectacular attractions, but some of the biggest crowds of the first few days could be found at the booth of Madefire, a Bay Area company debuting its platform for presenting comics in virtual reality. Fans lined up to don Oculus and Samsung Gear VR headsets and plunge headlong into the worlds of Batman, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more, experiencing the stories and art in a completely new dimension….In Madefire’s VR world, the flat comics panels appear on a 3D ‘soundstage,’ as if you were viewing them in an IMAX theatre. Dialogue and some story elements are layered on, within the main field of view. Occasionally, full-page panels expand to fill the entire screen, or wrap around in 360-degree panoramas, to provide a full immersive experience. Some titles feature ambient sound effects and music stings. Readers control the page flow using the controller button on the side of the head-mounted display.”

Madefire has also received a vote of confidence from the investement community, having closed a $6.5 Million Series B funding round led by Plus Capital alongside several of the top creators in the world including Kevin Spacey and Drake. Existing investors and new strategic investors also include True Ventures, Big Loud Capital, Anthem Ventures, and Framestore Ventures. Madefire’s partners and clients include: Apple, Archie, Blizzard Entertainment, Boom! DC, Deviant Art, Framestore, Hasbro, IDW, Kodansha, Microsoft, Stan Lee/POW Entertainment, TNT, Twentieth Century Fox, and Valiant.

Madefire VR Virtual Reality Comics to be Demonstrated at San Diego Comic Fest