Trial of the Winter Soldier

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Jury summons that was sent to prospective jurors for the Trial of the Winter Soldier at the San Diego Comic Fest. (Click to view a larger image.)

As seen in the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes, AKA the “Winter Soldier,” was responsible for a multitude of assaults and assassinations, property damage in the billions, and treason against the United States. Or was he? Captured by enemies, subjected to torture and brainwashing, he no longer knew who he was. Could he really be held accountable for actions committed while in such a state or was he innocent by reason of insanity?

Join us for the Trial of the Winter Soldier on Saturday, February 13th, at the San Diego Comic Fest. The Prosecution (The Avengers) and the Defense (The Defenders) teams will each be made up of three law students. The trial will focus on the insanity defense, deciding whether James “Bucky” Barnes was unable to appreciate the wrongfulness of his acts in Captain America: The Winter Soldier due to, as the law defines it, a severe mental disease or defect.

The trial will be presided over by United States Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal. Our expert witnesses are Dr. Andrea Letamendi, from The Arkham Sessions and Dr. Janina Scarlet, from Super-Hero Therapy. Look for appearances in costume by the Winter Soldier and the Black Widow. (Winter Soldier trial organized by attorney Josh Gilliland from The Legal Geeks.)