Special Guests at the 2013 Fest

The following is the guest list from the 2013 San Diego Comic Fest:

Guest of Honor: Larry Niven

Comics Fan Guest of Honor: Richard Kyle

Science-Fiction Fan Guests of Honor: John and Bjo Trimble

Animation Guest of Honor and Disney Legend: Floyd Norman

Oscar-Winning Special-Effects Master: Phil Tippett

Special U.K. Comics Guest (V for Vendetta): David Lloyd

IDW Publishing Co-Founder and CEO: Ted Adams

The Voice of Finn on Adventure Time: Jeremy Shada

More Special Guests:

Steven Barnes
Erik Bear
Greg Bear
Jerry Beck
Henry Baum
Andrew Biscontini
David Brin
Sheldon Brown
Kim Cooper and Richard Schave
Kate Danley
Ricardo Delgado
Wyatt Doyle
Jackie Estrada
Barry Ira Geller
Don Glut
Michael C. Gross
Russ Heath
James Hudnall
Willie Ito
George Clayton Johnson
Batton Lash
Henry Mayo
James Morris
Jamie Newbold
Alex Niño
Jerry Pournelle
Paul M. Sammon
Eric Shanower
Scott Shaw!
Max Slater
Sawyer Slater
Stephanie Slater
Tim Slater
Vernor Vinge
Pete Von Sholly
Marv Wolfman
Phil Yeh

Live Art at the Fest

Billy Martinez: San Diego artist Billy Martinez performed live art at the 2013 Fest. Check out Billy’s guest page to see video of him doing live art.

Jason Hite: Painter and sculptor Jason Hite painted Saturday, October 5th, by the pool in front of the Regency Tower. Richard Taylor (Weta Workshop) writes about Jason, “It is always exciting to see the latest updates from within Jason Hite’s studio. Combining tech, sci-fi and horror iconography and an incredibly skilled modelling ability Jason conjures up a universe of wonderfully bizarre and memorable characters.”

Dave Stephens: Ever wonder what you would look like as your favorite alien species? On Friday evening at the Fest, San Diego’s master caricaturist Dave Stephens drew attendees as the Draco Tavern alien species of their choice! Dave was in the Le Sommet room, which will be right next to the Draco Tavern.

Performers at The Draco Tavern:

One of the most popular features of our first Comic Fest was the number of live musical performances at our Cafe Frankenstein. The good news is that some great live performances were again featured at the Fest’s cafe, which in 2013 was styled after Guest of Honor Larry Niven’s Draco Tavern. The following performed on The Draco Tavern stage:

The Draco Players (who performed a series of dramatic readings of Larry Niven’s Draco Tavern short stories):

Musical Performers