Saturday, October 5th, 2013 Programming Schedule

The following is the list of programs we scheduled for the second day of the 2013 San Diego Comic Fest:

10:00am – 11:00am: The Implications of Supermen and Superwomen for the Real World– What would it be like to have super-powered people in our world? Some comics have attempted to portray this situation. What success have they had? Panelists: Tone Milazzo (MODERATOR), Andrew Biscontini, David Brin, Steve Barnes Room: Crescent.

10:00am – 11:00am: Q&A for Aspiring Cartoonists (tentative title) – Scott Shaw! and Jack Habegger– Join us for a conversation that is sure to yield some helpful information for those who would like to become cartoonists. Scott Shaw! began selling his artwork more than 40 years ago after choosing a career as a cartoonist. His career spanned undergrounds, mainstream comics TV and advertising. Jack Habegger is getting started. Presently, he is the artist and writer behind the ongoing comic strip “Peachy Clinker.” Scott and Jack will talk and answer your questions. Panelists: Jack Habegger, Scott Shaw! Room: Eaton.

10:00am – 11:00am: Working with Jack Kirby, Larger than life: How Jack became my Design General and our work became the Real story behind the film Argo – Barry Ira Geller– Barry Ira Geller talks about the events that were made into the movie Argo, which won the best picture Oscar of 2012. Barry worked with Jack Kirby on designs for a science-fiction theme park based on Roger Zelazny’s Lord of Light and wrote a screenplay based on the novel. The theme park didn’t get built and the movie didn’t get made, but Jack’s designs and Barry’s script were used by the CIA as the cover story to free U.S. hostages from Iran in 1980. Barry will tell us what really happened then, including things were weren’t accurate or fully described in Argo. Panelist: Barry Ira Geller Room: Garden 1.

10:00am – 11:00am: An Hour with Marv Wolfman– Join us for an illustrated talk by Marv Wolfman, author of comic books, video games, animation, novels and much more. Marv is probably best known for his work at Marvel, where he was editor-in-chief, and DC, where he was a senior editor. The New Teen Titans, which he co-created with George Perez, has been a major hit in comics and as an animated series. He also had a lengthy run with Gene Colan on The Tomb of Dracula. Panelist: Marv Wolfman Room: Garden 2.

11:00am – 12:00pm: If You Could See with Different Eyes — An introduction to multiwavelength astronomy for the 4-99-year-old set.– Interactive with a handy-dandy IR camera. Panelists: Max Slater, Stephanie Slater, Tim Slater Room: Le Sommet.

11:00am- 12:00pm: Adrian Empire Kingdom of Terre Neuve combat competitions– Members of the Adrian Empire Kingdom of Terre Neuve will reproduce non-choreographed combat competitions in both one-on-one and group battle scenarios. Combat is in three basic forms: a training form for beginners using slatted bamboo weapons (shinais), rapier-style with a variety of fencing-type weapons, and heavy armored combat using steel weapons. Panelist: N/A Room: ,.

11:15am – 12:15pm: Certified Forensic Comicologist, Part 2 – Jamie Newbold– Jamie Newbold, owner of Southern California Comics in San Diego and an acknowledged collecting expert, will answer your questions and discuss the science of collecting comics. Jamie’s information will help to make smart and safe decisions about collecting comics. In an interactive format with plenty of opportunities for questions, Jamie will cover such topics as identifying collectible comics, grading a comic book, evaluating the fair market value of a comic book, sources to purchase or sell comics, third-party comic book grading, the pitfalls of collecting, on-line information resources such as eBay and PayPal, storing and archiving comics, and upgrading your collection. Panelist: Jamie Newbold Room: Crescent.

11:15am – 12:15pm: Stereotypes: 25th Anniversary Presentation– In 1988, Paul M. Sammon traveled to Moscow, Russia, where he co-wrote/co-produced the first jointly created American/Russian animated film. Titled Stereotypes, this landmark production featured character designs by legendary cartoonist Jerry Robinson (creator of the Joker), and was shot at Soyuzmultfilm, Russia’s most famous animation studio. In addition, Stereotypes was directed by Yefim Gamburg, a well-regarded Russian “parody animator” whose satirical films sometimes found Gamburg jailed for his work’s stinging social satire. Join Paul for a rare screening of Stereotypes, plus a behind-the-scenes slideshow wherein he explains what it was like for an American to work on a film in the Soviet Union of the late 1980’s. Panelist: Paul Sammon Room: Eaton.

11:15am – 12:15pm: One-on-One With David Lloyd (James Hudnall, interviwer)– Meet David Lloyd, the artist who is perhaps best known for V for Vendetta, which he created with Alan Moore in 1981. Since the, he has worked for various publishers, including the Hellblazer series, Aliens, Marlowe, Global Frequency, War Stories, and his acclaimed crime graphic novel, Kickback. He is now a publisher of the exclusively digital online weekly comic art magazine, Aces Weekly, which gives space to industry greats and great newcomers from across the globe to tell any story they like directly to their. James Hudnall will interview David. Panelists: David Lloyd, James Hudnall Room: Garden 1.

11:15am – 12:15pm: Ghostbusters 2 – Michael Gross and Henry Mayo– Michael C. Gross, producer of Ghostbusters 2, and Hank Mayo, who worked as a concept artist for the movie, will discuss the making of this hilarious film. These guys have worked on some other notable genre films, so don’t be surprised if you hear about some other titles, such as the original Ghostbusters, Heavy Metal, Dune, Predator 2 and Men in Black. Panelists: Hank Mayo, Michael Gross Room: Garden 2.

11:15am – 12:15pm: Is Steampunk Being Co-opted by the Mainstream? Does it matter?– What does it mean when Steampunk elements show up in commercials and Steampunk-esque shows turn up on TV? Purists might say it is the end of Steampunk as we know it, but is that the case? Panelists: Nancy Holder (MODERATOR), Mark O’Bannon, Susan Burns, Jim Burns Room: Galleria 1.

12:00pm – 1:00pm: Make Your Own Cutie Mark — For My Little Pony Fans– My Little Pony fans can design and take away their own cutie mark. For ages 4-99 years old. (With special give-away from IDW Comics – limited supplies available!) Panelists: Sawyer Slater, Stephanie Slater Room: Le Sommet.

12:30pm – 1:30pm: The Schanes Brothers’ Story: From Swap Meets to Pacific Comics– Hear from Bill and Steve Schanes about their careers in comics, beginning with how they haunted swap meets and used book stories to purchase used comics by the lot; through the opening of Pacific Comics, San Diego’s first comic book stories; through the “other” Pacific Comics, an early independent publisher that flourished from 1981-1984 as an alternative to DC and Marvel. Panelists: Bill Schanes, Steve Schanes Room: Crescent.

12:30pm – 1:30pm: One-on-One With George Clayton Johnson (Vivien Kooper, interviewer)– Meet George Clayton Johnson, noted writer for such classic series as Twilight Zone and Star Trek. From 1960 through 1963, George wrote stories and teleplays for several classic episodes of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone, most notably classic “Kick the Can” episode. After Twilight Zone, George moved on to Star Trek. He wrote the script for “The Man Trap” (1966), which was the first episode of Star Trek ever aired on television. In 1962, George realized a special dream when the animated film Icarus Montgolfier Wright was released. That film, which was nominated in 1962 for the Academy Award for best short animated film, was based on a story by George’s hero, Ray Bradbury. George was thrilled to have the opportunity to co-author the screenplay with Ray. Vivien Kooper will interview George. Panelists: George Clayton Johnson, Vivien Kooper Room: Eaton.

12:30pm – 1:30pm: Learning Basic Drawing Skills Efficiently with Science– Dr. Wei Xu, the inventor of “Angle-Based Constructive” (ABC) drawing method, will show you the secret of using simple math and science knowledge to learn observational drawing efficiently. Panelist: Wei Xu Room: Galleria 1.

12:30pm – 1:30pm: Talking With Finn: Voice-over Acting with Jeremy Shada– Learn about voice-over acting from Jeremy Shada, best known for being the voice of Finn in Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. He is also currently starring in Nick Cannon’s new live-action sketch comedy series, Incredible Crew, on Cartoon Network. His other animated projects include Team America, Batman the Brave and the Bold, Chowder, Super Crazies, Penguins of Madagascar, and ParaNorman. Panelist: Jeremy Shada Room: Garden 1.

12:30pm – 1:30pm: Starship Century: The Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination– UCSD has created a new research center to better understand the role that Imagination plays in shaping how we understand and create our reality. The Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination interconnects science fiction, contemporary art, neuroscience, physcial science and technology innovation to explore the phenomenon of human imagination as it extends from the neuron to the social and cultural. This panel includes the Clarke Center Director, Sheldon Brown, along with three of the authors who have been apart of our initial activities — David Brin, Vernor Vinge, and Larry Niven. They will talk about their hopes for what the Center will accomplish and the general importance of imagination and science fiction as a source of the encouragement, optimism, and inspiration that’s so important to building a better world. Panelists: David Brin, Larry Niven, Sheldon Brown, Vernor Vinge Room: Garden 2.

1:00pm – 2:00pm: Make It, Take It Activities for Children at the kid’s Imagination Station (ages 4 and older) Build You Own Alien– Are you a Draco Tavern creature Artist? Would you like to have your very own alien? Join us in the Kid’s Imagination Station, where we’ll help you make your alien. Ms. Kim and the crew have plenty of wild and crazy supplies and a whole lot of imagination! Panelist: Kim Stadler Room: Le Sommet.

1:45pm – 2:45pm: Science Fiction Fan Guests of Honor spotlight: John and Bjo Trimble (Greg and Astrid Bear, interviewers)– Meet the Trimbles. Active in fandom for more than 50 years, John and Bjo ran the San Diego Comic-Con’s first art shows and helped to set up the masquerade contests. They also have worked on several science fiction convention committees, their own media and Star Trek conventions, and now chair an annual weekend Fiber Retreat, plus two one-day Fiber Frolics. They organized and ran the Worldcon Art Shows for 17 years and were influential in costuming and developed Futuristic Fashion shows at science fiction conventions, where John was a frequent MC at the costume competitions and Bjo was either in or judging the event. Greg and Astrid Bear will interview Bjo and John. Panelists: Astrid Bear, Bjo Trimble, Greg Bear, John Trimble Room: Crescent.

1:45pm – 2:45pm: Working in Hollywood: three artists discuss their work in movies — Ricardo Delgado, Henry Mayo, and Pete Von Sholly– Learn about what it’s like to work in Hollywood from four guys who have been there, working in the art departments on some of the biggest movies of the past two decades. Panelists: Hank Mayo, Pete Von Sholly, Ricardo Delgado Room: Eaton.

1:45pm – 2:45pm: Words Create Worlds: Writer’s Workshop (for prose and music); Lessons from a Storyteller – James Morris– Have you ever said, “I want to write a book or what about a song? Is it possible to do both?” Aspiring writers will want to take part in this hands-on opportunity to ask questions and learn about what it takes to write a book or a song and get them published. Author, songwriter and touring music artist James Morris will talk about his journey and share valuable tips and organizational skills to help get you writing and see you through the process. James will discuss the first two novels in his Three Kingdoms Trilogy, Sky Bound and Water Tower, as well as his new projects. He will also discuss his music and how novel writing and music writing influence and inspire each other. This workshop is geared for those ages 10 and older. Please bring a notebook and something to write with, and your story ideas. Panelist: James Morris Room: Galleria 1.

1:45pm – 2:45pm: Secret Origins of IDW, with CEO & Publisher Ted Adams– The secret origins of IDW will be revealed! Join Ted Adams, IDW’s CEO and Publisher, for a spotlight on your favorite local comic book publishing company.  At this program, Ted will take you through the company’s start (origin story), where it has been (the blood, the sweat, the cheers) and where it is going (into the future and beyond…). Panelist: Ted Adams Room: Garden 1.

1:45pm – 2:45pm: One-on-One With Russ Heath (Michael Gross, interviewer)– Meet our comics guest of honor, Russ Heath, who has been drawing comics since 1947. He is perhaps best known among comic fans for his work for DC, particularly their “Big 5? war comics. Both fans and his fellow professional artists have admired the authenticity of his war-comics work, which was based on thorough research and meticulous attention to detail. While at DC he also co-created the fan favorites Haunted Tank and Sea Devils. Prior to his DC work, Russ drew comics in multiple genres—superheros, westerns, horror, and science fiction—for Marvel Comics predecessor Timely Comics. He also contributed art to EC’s Frontline Combat and Harvey Kurtzman’s Mad, and Kurtzman’s Little Annie Fanny strip for Playboy. Michael Gross will interview Russ. Panelists: Michael Gross, Russ Heath Room: Garden 2.

2:00pm – 3:00pm: Make It, Take It Activities for Children at the kid’s Imagination Station (ages 4 and older) Create a Mask– What? No mask for the Ball! No problem! Beauty masks, scary masks, silly masks, you name it mask, we’ll help you create the mask that shows the world your imagination. Ms. Kim and the crew will be in the Kid’s Imagination Station just waiting to help you on your way to the Ball. Mask making only! No costumes making, no pumpkins into carriages, no mice into footmen or horses, etc. Panelist: Kim Stadler Room: Le Sommet.

3:00pm – 4:00pm: The Real LA Noir: a guided tour through the dark side of the sun-drenched metropolis, where fact and fiction collide — Kim Cooper and Richard Schave, proprietors of Esotouric bus adventures and the 1947 project time travel blog,– Kim Cooper and Richard Schave, proprietors of Esotouric bus adventures and the 1947 project time travel blog, take us on a special guided tour through the dark side of the sun-drenched metropolis, where fact and fiction collide. James M. Cain and Raymond Chandler were deeply influenced by the weird and wondrous city of angels, and their personal paths can still be traced — if you know where to look. So come visit the Van Nuys Hotel, where Chandler set an ice-pick murder in The Little Sister and real killers plied their hideous trade. Stop by Skid Row and its sprawling wholesale produce mart, where Cain tuned his ear to the American vernacular speech patterns that brought his unforgettable anti-heroes to life. Learn about the eerie connections between Raymond Chandler, San Diego and the still-unsolved Black Dahlia murder. Panelists: Kim Cooper, Richard Schave Room: Crescent.

3:00pm – 4:00pm: Superheroes and the Electromagnetic Spectrum– What is EM, what isn’t, which super-heroes use EM, and why that isn’t so far-fetched. This is an interactive session with scientists Stephanie Slater and Tim Slater. Panelists: Stephanie Slater, Tim Slater Room: Eaton.

3:00pm – 4:00pm: Writing Effective Female Characters– Being able to operate convincingly outside your experience and comfort zone is part of what great writing is all about. And while genre writing has frequently led the charge in shattering outdated notions of women’s roles, it has just as often been guilty of the most egregious sexism and objectification in fiction. Four writers discuss their approaches – what works, and what doesn’t. Panelists: Andrew Biscontini (MODERATOR), Henry Baum, Kate Danley, Wyatt Doyle Room: Galleria 1.

3:00pm – 4:00pm: Guest of Honor spotlight: Larry Niven (Wendy All, interviewer)– Meet our guest of honor, science fiction Grandmaster Larry Niven, winner of Hugo and Nebula award for his work. Among his many stories and novels are the Known Space series, which includes the epic Ringworld series, the stories of The Draco Tavern (which has provided the theme for the Fest’s café this time around), and his rational fantasy series, The Magic Goes Away. In the world of comics, Larry has written Green Lantern for DC. Also, a number of his stories have been adapted for comics or graphic novels. Wendy All will interview Larry. Panelists: Wendy All, Larry Niven Room: Garden 1.

3:00pm – 4:00pm: Who’s Afraid of Song of the South? Race and Ethnicity in Animation– Two veteran animators, Floyd Norman, who is African-American, and Willie Ito, who is Japanese-American, talk about issues of race and ethnicity in American animation with noted animation historian Jerry Beck. Sure to come up is Song of the South, a 1946 live-action/animated musical film produced by Walt Disney and released by RKO. The film depicts the character Uncle Remus, an African-American former slave, telling folk tales about Br’er Rabbit and his friends. The film has never been released in its entirety on home video in the United States because its depiction of former slaves and race relations in the post-Civil War South has been controversial and now commonly regarded as racist. Panelists: Floyd Norman, Jerry Beck, Willie Ito Room: Garden 2.

3:00pm – 4:00pm: Make It, Take It Activities for Children at the kid’s Imagination Station (ages 4 and older) Make the Perfect Hat– At Comic Fest we all wear different hats! At the Kid’s Imagination Station you can make a hat that is perfect for you. Ms. Kim and the crew can help you imagine a hat to top all hats. If you can imagine it, you can wear it! No head too big, no hat too small! Let’s get crazy about hats. Panelist: Kim Stadler Room: Le Sommet.

4:15pm – 5:15pm: James Hudnall workshop on writing comics– Learn about writing comics from James Hudnall, a professional writer since 1986. The majority of his work has been in the graphic novel field. His first novel, The Age of Heroes: A Fated Path, is expected at the end of 2013. Panelist: James Hudnall Room: Crescent.

4:15pm – 5:15pm: One-on-One With Alex Nino (Phil Yeh, interviewer)– Meet Alex Niño, who began drawing for DC Comics in 1971. His first work was as a regularly contributor to DC horror and mystery comics, and he soon was working for Marvel as well. In 1977, he began to branch out to work on stories for comic magazines that were not limited by the restrictions of the Comics Code Authority, including Warren Publishing’s Creepy, Eerie, and Vampirella and the European-influenced Heavy Metal. Alex has continued to work in comics, produce great art, and even do design work for Walt Disney Pictures animated feature Atlantis: The Lost Empire. (Phil Yeh will interview Alex.) Panelists: Alex Nino, Phil Yeh Room: Eaton.

4:15pm – 5:15pm: Mad God– MAD GOD is an experimental animated film set in a Miltonesque world of monsters, mad scientists, and war pigs. Directed by legendary visual effects and stop-motion craftsman Phil Tippett, the sets, creatures, effects and spirit are, in every way, independent and created from the heart. Sometimes that heart is bursting with love for the craft – other times it’s macabre, punctured, and bleeding. MAD GOD is a mature film crafted from techniques and technologies that span the history of cinema. Panelists: Phil Tippett, David Lauer Room: Garden 1.

4:15pm – 5:15pm: An Hour With David Brin– Spend an hour with David Brin, a scientist, inventor, public speaker, and author. His novels have been New York Times bestsellers, winning multiple Hugo, Nebula and other awards, and have been translated into more than 20 languages. His 1989 ecological thriller, Earth, foreshadowed global warming, cyberwarfare and the World Wide Web. His new novel from Tor Books is Existence. Panelist: David Brin Room: Garden 2.

5:00pm: Comic Fest auction for PACE Foundation– Items for sale will include some great comics, toys, DVDs and original art. We will have a live comic art demonstration during the auction, with the resulting artwork raffled as the grand prize. All auction items will start at $1 with no reserve. Of course, dealers are welcome. All proceeds go to the PACE (Popular Arts Comic Education) Foundation, the new organization started by the Comic Fest organizers to support the Fest and other cool educational events. Panelists: Alex Cohn, Dave Rodger Room: ,.

5:30pm – 6:30pm: Comics Fan Guest of Honor spotlight: Richard Kyle (Greg Bear, interviewer)– Meet Richard Kyle, our comics fan guest of honor. Richard discovered comics fandom in 1961, and for the next 22 years contributed articles, reviews, and criticism to comics fanzines. In 1964, he became a charter member of Jerry Bails’ Comics Amateur Press Association (CAPA-Alpha), and in the second mailing, for November, introduced the terms “graphic story” and “graphic novel,” believing they were more descriptive than “comic book story” and “real-long comic book story” and did not carry the stigma of “comic book.” In 1971, he and Fred Patten introduced European comics albums to America. By 1973, Richard and Fred’s mail-order Graphic Story Bookshop had grown so quickly that Kyle and Patten opened a walk-in store, one of the first comic book stores. Greg Bear will interview Richard. Panelists: Greg Bear, Richard Kyle Room: Crescent.

5:30pm – 6:30pm: How Do I Draw This? Translating a Comics Script into a Readable Comics Story– Often times in comics creation, the script comes first and then the artist draws the story based on the script. How does this “translation” process work? Are some writers easier to follow than others? It will be fun if our artists named names! Panelists: Tone Milazzo (MODERATOR), Alex Nino, Eric Shanower, Rachael Smith, Richard Kyle, Russ Heath Room: Eaton.

5:30pm – 6:30pm: Bugs Bunny’s 75th birthday – Jerry Beck– At last year’s Fest, animation historian and cartoon producer Jerry Beck did a great program in celebration of the 75th anniversary of Daffy Duck, Hollywood’s funniest fowl. This year, Jerry will be honoring the 75th anniversary of another great Warner Brothers cartoon character, Bugs Bunny! The earliest version of Bugs to appear was in 1938?s Porky’s Hare Hunt and we’re pleased to be able to present Jerry honoring the 75th-anniversary appearance of everyone’s favorite rabbit. Panelist: Jerry Beck Room: Garden 1.

5:30pm – 6:30pm: Dinosaur Art We Have Known and Loved– Our panelists will discuss, well, dinosaur art they have known and loved. With lots of cool pictures! Panelists: Scott Shaw! (MODERATOR), Don Glut, Pete Von Sholly, Phil Tippett, Ricardo Delgado Room: Garden 2.

6:45pm – 7:45pm: Comics are Everywhere video in progress – Neil Kendricks and Natalia Quintana– Comics Are Everywhere is a video in progress that explores the pop-cultural intersection where alternative comics, animation and the Art World collide, as seen through the eyes of emerging artists JJ Villard and Danni Shinya Luo and established comic creators Daniel Clowes and Jaime Hernandez, among others. Panelists: Natalia Quintana, Neil Kendricks Room: Eaton.

6:45pm – 8:45pm: Charles Beaumont: The Life of The Twilight Zone’s Magic Man (documentary and discussion) — Jason Brock and Sunni Brock– We will screen a documentary about Charles Beaumont, a principal writer for the original Twilight Zone and a mainstay of 1960s television who died of a mysterious illness before reaching the age of 39. Charles moved from television to working with filmmaker Roger Corman and others on such titles as 7 Faces of Dr. Lao and The Intruder. By this time, he was also a primary contributor to Playboy, Esquire, and several other major magazines of the day and the nucleus of a group of Southern California writers whose ranks include Richard Matheson, William F. Nolan, George Clayton Johnson, Harlan Ellison, and Ray Bradbury, among others. Then, at the height of his career, Charles began exhibiting strange and frightening symptoms: slurred speech, balance problems, memory lapses. Was it alcohol abuse? Was it left over from his childhood bout of meningitis? Perhaps it was stress… Whatever the cause, he would not live to see his 39th birthday. After the screening, filmmakers Jason Brock and Sunni Brock will discuss the documentary and answer your questions. Panelists: Jason Brock, Sunni Brock Room: Crescent.

8:00pm – 9:00pm: Comic Book Live! – comedy improv– Comic Book Live! is a live action, unscripted stage adaptation of comic books and graphic novels. Join us for a nerdtastically good time filled with fantasy, action, costumes and adventure…and see an improvised adaptation come to life onstage! Panelist: Patrick Ian Moore Room: Tent.

8:45pm – 10:00pm: Danger 5– Some of us fondly remembering seeing the first three episodes of Danger 5, the improbably award-winning Australian action-comedy TV series, at last year’s Comic Fest. Well, we’re back with the concluding three episodes of season 1. Set in a bizarre, 1960s pop culture-inspired version of World War II, Danger 5 follows a team of five spies on their mission to kill Hitler. The finest group of special operatives the Allies have to offer, Danger 5 unravels Hitler’s diabolical schemes as they travel from one exotic locale to another. The focus here is on action and offbeat humor! Panelist: N/A Room: Crescent.

9:15pm – 10:15pm: Doctor Who Live – comedy improv– The cast of “Doctor Who Live” takes a suggestion from the audience and uses it as inspiration to create a fully improvised episode of Doctor Who – never before seen on TV or stage and never to be seen again! Panelist: Peter Fluet Room: Tent.