San Diego Comic Fest 2017!

Thanks to everyone who helped make San Diego Comic Fest 2017 so much fun! The special theme of the Fest was the celebration of the 2017 centennial of the birth of Jack Kirby, the King of Comics, and we’d like to thank our many guests, volunteers, and attending fans who helped make that such a success. Jack Kirby was a great creator and a wonderful person and it was an honor to get to pay tribute to him at the Fest.

Next, after a well-deserved rest, our volunteers will be meeting to discuss next year’s Fest, about which you can expect announcements in the near future. In the meantime, here’s one thing we can let you in on, the theme for the next Fest, which will be the 200th anniversary in 2018 of a little book you may have heard of:

theme hint for San Diego Comic Fest 2018

About San Diego Comic Fest

The San Diego Comic Fest is the friendly comic convention with a casual atmosphere and an intimate scale that allows fans to mingle directly with professionals and exhibitors. It’s the place where you can indulge your love of comics, science fiction, and films, and meet an outstanding array of professional creators without high-priced tickets, crowding, or long lines.

At the San Diego Comic Fest you’ll find an extensive and eclectic program with things for every fan to enjoy. As you would expect of a comic con, there will be panel discussions; guest programs; an artist alley; tabletop gaming; cosplay; steampunk; an exhibitor hall full of your favorite comics, books, toys, and collectibles; and much, much, more. All of this takes place in a relaxed setting that enables fans and professionals to hang out and enjoy good times talking about comics, science fiction, films, animation, and all the other things that fans love.

Comic Fest’s origin story: Back in 1969, when he was a teenage San Diego comics dealer, Mike Towry was part of the small group of fans who founded what became known as the San Diego Comic-Con. After the celebration of the 40th Comic-Con in 2009, he and other Comic-Con veterans agreed that San Diego needed a second convention, one reminiscent of the early Comic-Cons. Thus, San Diego Comic Fest was born in 2012.

As a convention produced by fans for fans, San Diego Comic Fest is sure to please. This all-volunteer comic con is a gathering of the tribe where each fan in attendance plays an important role in creating a memorable experience shared by all. We hope that you will join us Presidents’ Day weekend, February 17-20, 2017 for a great, fun time at our fourth San Diego Comic Fest!