Registration: Refund Policy

No tickets, ticket confirmations, or badges may be transferred or resold. If someone other than the San Diego Comic Fest sells or otherwise transfers to you a ticket, confirmation, or badge, please be aware that it will not be honored at the event.

If you have purchased a ticket but find that you are unable to attend, you may request a refund so long as you do so before March 20, 2018. Please email any requests for refund to Or, if you prefer to send your request via regular mail, you can send it to the following address. (Just make sure that your letter is postmarked before March 20, 2018.):

San Diego Comic Fest Registration
P.O. Box 503004
San Diego, CA 92150

Please be aware that in some cases, refund requests might not be processed until after April 22, 2018, which is the last day of the San Diego Comic Fest. Also, the submitting of a refund request does not guarantee you a refund.

The San Diego Comic Fest reserves the right to change its cancellation, transfer, and/or refund policies at any time without notice.