Hugh Brown

San Diego Comic Fest Guest Hugh Brown who was Rhino Records Art Director for the Weird Tales of the Ramones boxed setHugh Brown has been designing music packaging for a long time. Long enough to have designed cassettes and long boxes but not long enough to have done 78s. For many years he was the Creative Director of Rhino Records, the best known and most successful archival and reissue label in the world. His groundbreaking and whimsical designs, have led to 11 packaging/design Grammy nominations and three wins. He has won over 50 other awards from Print Magazine, I.D. Magazine, Communication Arts, AIGA, and many others. He has consistently raised the bar for product packaging in the entertainment industry.

Weird Tales of the Ramones box set from Rhino Records and art directed by San Diego Comic Fest guest Hugh Brown.

Weird Tales of the Ramones box set from Rhino Records, including comic, which was art directed by Hugh Brown.

Hugh has been a working artist for 35 years specializing in photography, print making, assemblage, and forgery. He has had many solo shows and been in many more group shows. His exhibition Allegedly: The Hugh Brown Chainsaw Collection at The Grand Central Art Center was named show of the year in the OC Weekly.

One of his proudest moments was for his second place finish in the “Design a chair for Barbie” Competition sponsored by Vitra Design Museum, Metropolis Magazine, Mattell and W, not because of the second place finish but because the entry caused a fist fight among the judges.

Hugh Brown was the Art Director for the Rhino Records Weird Tales of the Ramones box set and included comic. Hugh will be joining many of the artists for that Ramones comic as part of our Weird Tales of the Ramones reunion.