Harry Donenfeld

San Diego Comic Fest guest Harry Donenfeld
Harry Donenfeld has been a photographer his entire life. Growing up the grandson of a legendary comic book publisher he faced a great challenge and legacy. Always being in the shadow of Superman, Harry knew at an early age that he would “save the world” through his images and stories. It is a journey that has taken him to some of the world’s most exotic and remote locations. For as long as he can remember, Harry has been fascinated with the concept of recording moments in time. Being able to tell an entire story in a single frame, seeing the world in just that moment.

This fascination progressed rapidly from photography to video and then to TV production where he produced three prime-time specials for TLC’s Alien Invasion Week 2001, an award-winning children’s series for TLC called “Bingo &Molly” and a variety of one-off documentaries like “Black Widow II: Declassified” about a stealth aircraft made by Northrup/Grumman.

As an active photographer/videographer Harry Donenfeld travels the world in search of images and tales of adventure to bring back for everyone to see and hear. Since 2007 he has been on expeditions like: scuba diving in Antarctica, sailing & scuba diving down the Beagle Channel to the very end of the South American Continent in search of Penguins, scuba diving with the Great White Sharks of Guadalupe Island, Mexico and even dove up and down Alaska’s Inside Passage.

In 2011/2012 Harry served as Film Commissioner of Maui County and helped bring to the island the largest sound stage in the State. After his time as Commissioner he setup a small store selling and teaching the use of drones for aerial imaging. Nowadays Harry keeps busy shooting incredible images with his drones! Being able to fly seems to run in the family…