Gaby Maya

San Diego Comic Fest International Mexico City Guest Gaby Maya
Gaby Maya was born in Mexico City and has been working in comics since 1993, first as a writer for Editorial AGA for their adaptation of the Japanese anime series Saint Seiya into a series of collectible magazines. Later that same year, she worked for Editorial Mango & Editorial Toukan, first as a coloring artist, then as a cartoonist. In 1994, she made her debut as a comic book writer; she adapted a Japanese cartoon TV show Captain Tsubasa (based on a football team) as a comic book titled Super Campeones del FĂștbol for Mexican children. By doing so, she succeeded in making the manga style become popular in Mexico.

Art by San Diego Comic Fest International Mexico City Guest Gaby Maya

From 1996 through 2004, Gaby became a Comic Books Editor for both Editorial Toukan and Editorial Mango; she introduced the manga comic books in Mexico with several titles such as Dragon Ball Z, Ranma 1/2, and Card Captor Sakura, among many others. From 2004 through 2008, Gaby worked in the licensing industry as the Brand Assurance Coordinator for the popular dolls brand BRATZ for MGAE, as well as for NINTENDO of America, Annoying Thing and others.

Gaby Maya's Gabycat and Phil Yeh's Winged Tiger

Gaby Maya’s Gabycat and Phil Yeh’s Winged Tiger

Since 2008, Gaby has been a freelance writer, illustrator and talent agent, working for different Entertainment Magazines, such as Conexion Manga; in 2011 she was a script writer for a couple of Mexican political parties during their campaigns; and in 2013, she wrote and co-hosted a mini-series of informative capsules for the cultural channel, Canal 22, in Mexico, talking about the history and importance of Japanese comics and entertainment, and their influence worldwide, but particularly in Latin America and Mexico.

You may check Gaby’s webcomic Pirates of Aquelonde at her DeviantArt gallery at: