Exhibitor Application Information

The San Diego Comic Fest dealers room is currently sold out. However, if you would like to be on the waiting list in case a table comes available, please send an email regarding that to exhibitors@sdcomicfest.org.

In the meantime, you can read our exhibitor information below:

We are now accepting applications to exhibit at San Diego Comic Fest 2012. There won’t be any mega-promotional display extravaganzas: we’re doing it strictly old-school with just plain tables. Tables will be $150 with one membership or $200 with two memberships.

Click here to download the exhibitor application.

You can send us your completed and signed exhibitor application via mail, fax, or email. Here are the applicable numbers and addresses:

Mail Signed Application To: San Diego Comic Fest, P.O. Box 232497, San Diego, CA 92193

Fax Signed Application To: (866) 473-7715

Email Scan of Signed Application To: exhibitors@sdcomicfest.org

After we receive your completed and signed application we’ll let you know if space is still available and your application has been accepted. If so, we will also at that time provide you with payment instructions.

And BTW, we plan to have a Dealer Guest of Honor at the Fest. After all, it’s hard to imagine there even having been much in the way of comics fandom or conventions without the dealers.