Don Shay

San Diego Comic Fest Guest Don ShayDon Shay is founder and publisher of Cinefex. He has written extensively on motion pictures and effects technology; and has co-written, with Cinefex editor Jody Duncan, books on the making of Ghostbusters and Terminator 2. Their book on the making of Jurassic Park was on The New York Times best-seller list for eight weeks. Shay has contributed video interviews to laserdisc and DVD special edition supplements of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Alien and Aliens; and, for four seasons, served as visual effects consultant for The Discovery Channel television series, Movie Magic. The Visual Effects Society honored him with its Board of Directors Award in 2005.

Film and Effects Industry Quotes about Cinefex:

“Rarely does a specialized film magazine blend detailed information and professional insight with expressive photographic coverage and well written articles. Cinefex is the best reference guide available on visual and makeup effects. It’s the film aficionado’s bible.” – Rick Baker, Makeup Effects Supervisor

“We are moving toward a time when the only limitation on a filmmaker is his or her imagination. But that will only be true if we stay abreast of the skills and technology the visual effects industry has to offer. Cinefex is the one true source. Read it to expand your vision.” – James Cameron, Director/Filmmaker

“Cinefex conveys to film enthusiasts a passion for special effects once limited only to its technical artisans. Detailed visual coverage and revealing insights into the cutting edge of technology make Cinefex required reading for anyone interested in the new era of filmmaking.” – George Lucas, Director/Filmmaker

“Cinefex is the definitive leader in visual effects journalism. Through refined chronicling of films in the making, it translates the technology with engaging commentary and expert precision. In an industry where reinventing the wheel can be a daily proposition, Cinefex provides an articulate guide to the inside track.” – Dennis Muren, Visual Effects Supervisor

The San Diego Comic Fest is pleased to announce that Don Shay, who wrote Making Ghostbusters, will be moderating our Ghostbusters 30th & Ghostbusters II 25th anniversary tribute panel.

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